May 15, 2012

The perfect pinch of pain!

Yesterday I was travelling from Nashik to Mumbai, by our company bus. Apart from the new awesome interiors, the bus doesn't have much in the name of suspension system or dampeners. I manage somehow, every week.

I was frustrated because of the bus-break down right at the time of departure and so the late arrival in my Mumbai. I settled myself in the bus with a heavy head (ache!) and plugged in the i-pod.

I could see the sun setting from the large window. I was not so happy, it was a closed Volvo bus. I love the Igatpuri road which is made up of zig-zag roads and scenic beauty. I remembered my camera which is feeling a bit sad as I cant give him the time now a days. 

I started listening to songs and gazed through the window. We were heading in the north direction, we were following 'Dhruv' star. The dark sky and a little red horizon with black structures in between. I wanted to click.

I suddenly felt like an urge to cry. I was not sad.It is something which was coming out of my heart. The sight was trying to pour a pinch of pain in my heart and I must say that pinch of pain is necessary to poke you sometimes. So that you know how lucky you have been, how you have everything in the world, how you have to go further, how you will have to face problems and how you will come and achieve those dream which are twinkling in your eyes right now. That is how you respect happiness and smiles in your life!

The whole lot of emotions came out of my eyes! I still cant name the whole feeling.I named it 'The perfect pinch of pain' today!

These feelings have no agenda, no goal and no specific reasons. May be the song in my ipod described the feeling.

"Thoda hai, thode ki zaroorat hai,
Zindagi fir bhi yahan khubsoorat hai..."!

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  1. Bubblegum,

    Do our roads let any suspension system stay for long? Do share what memory made that pinch of pain, if you wish to.

    Take care