May 13, 2012

Hey you silly!

Hey you silly Bubblegum ki pareshan atma,

What do you think all the time? Day and night? You feel you life is moving very fast-but that's what you always wanted. You wanted to spark your dreams again. You are about to do that-what is stopping you?

You are a strong girl. You have overcome so many problems and depressions. What is making you think all the time. You are not worried or scared I know, You are scattered and blank. Just gather your guts and fall into the pool! You gotta swim!!

Things are awesome around you. Even if they are not , you always make them awesome. What is the need to think? You, who believed one should just move out of the comfort zone, struggle and achieve dreams one has, is getting scared? No then what is holding you back?

Your family?-No. They are always there. You know it very well.
Your job?-Job? In the whole world, you are scared of not getting the salary?
Your Mumbai?-Where is it going-You are enjoying and you will enjoy your Mumbai anyway!

You are scared of loosing the world of besties you have made! Right? Ah, isn't it bad that you have a doubt? Come on Bubblegum, they play it hard to make you smile every time.

You have to give a shot-You have to move! You have to achieve dreams-this one is your one of the finale shots. You are the smile and strength of your buddies-if you behave so, what do they feel!!

Buck up Bubblegum!!

Expressing is not a problem, but panicking just by those silly thoughts of struggles in future is a problem. The don of Kandivali area is fearless-What are you up to Bubblegum??

Smack those stupid thoughts away and enjoy! Reach out to your dreams! Just like your name-keep on Bubbling and fly high in the sky!!!

Your buddies are with you always!

Yours truly,
Real Bubblegum!


  1. Bubblegum,

    I do not know about others but I am surely with you all the way to shake up and get started to achieve your dreams. Go on, time does not wait for anyone.

    Take care

    1. :) Yes I will do it!! :) Thanks Uncle!