May 27, 2012

My life and all that!

Okay My life is always so dynamic (Don't stare!) that If I (or somebody I love!) don't end up creating a blunder every 15 days, I get scared(and my buddies too!).Obviously I feel good during the blunder or after the blunder!

I decided to write down all my heart for various reasons. Too many things to shoot and too fast things are moving up(& down!). I am happy, I am sad, I laugh out loud, I smile, I cry my lungs out too! As I believe blogging is therapeutic, I decided to pen down all the mess I have in my mind!

  • I am facing the biggest change  of my life, may be. Details to be disclosed soon.
  • I am happy and I am sad. Something like, one of my eyes have tears of happiness and the other has tears of pain. Wow, I am turning poetic!
  • I was scanned. Period. I had to undergo CT scan (I am fine, just a verification of good health!) and I had the most pathetic drink of my life. The green yucky (if at all you understand!) drink made me sick in a minute.No wonder it is called 'Contrast'! The whole scene was used to make a comedy show by the buddy who accompanied me and an uncle from the staff. I guess the only good thing about the whole 'drinking scene' was the walk to remember (to digest the drink and avoid puking) which actually made me feel good, be it  talks on dance, drinks!(yes!) or some stupid clicks of yours truly. Of course I don't want to tell you guys how I felt almost 'burnt' from inside while the scanning was going on,that I prayed for Japan! The damn radiation thingie! The whole scan was followed by a treat of Subway sandwiches by the buddy, a fishy flirty smile of a guy (must be 3 years old!) and 5 hours of sleep!Period.My buddy said, I dint speak up a word after the test! Contrast?? :D
  • I am living on a count down. Count down of leaving the warm cocoon and be more independent.
  • I guess I am going to have a life time panga with him. Buddy, please don't take panga.
  • My uncle (Fua) is recovering faster. Thanks to all readers and buddies who prayed for him! I'm happy!'Thank you all' is an understatement.
  • I have become a super solid fan of Subway sandwiches.
  • I have developed a short tempered nature in this young(24 is young okay!) age, and I am ruining my own health because of them same.I owe to take a chill pill!(Don't stare, I will loose my mind!)
  • The pending shopping list is growing up like anything and I am doing nothing. Nothing!
  • I am on the off-sight journey. A friend of mine is trying to show me USA by clicking some brilliant clicks every time he is out and send it to me by whatsapp! Dude, I am enjoying the trip!! 
  • Long Distance Relationships! I need to review again the status on that!
  • Planning a bash with friends for the hangover which can never get over! For me the drink will be obviously milk or coconut water, not the yucky colored 'Contrast'!
  • I am terribly home sick, I am terribly 'Buddy sick','Mumbai sick' at the same time and I am terrible already :D


  1. Bubblegum,

    You really shared so much. I am glad that your FUA is recovering faster. May he be fit and fine soon. What is Contrast, is it really a drink or some medicine? Hope you are keeping fit and no need of scan again.

    Take care

    1. Uncle, the liquid is Barium sulphate which is used for some radiation aid for the test. I am keeping well now :) Thank you so much.

  2. ...I told you nah 'bogging is therapeutic' It is where you vent out your 'torture' ;)