May 1, 2012

One dream One life!

I have a dream, I have a life. Like everybody has. I call the phenomena , 'One Dream One life'. The phenomena has some versions. In a version, The dream is the life you want to achieve. It is something keeps you sane, rush towards the dream , achieve and lo, one more dream and one more life is there to meet. The other version is, A dream and a life both in different direction. You have to think and you have to think, then you have to decide, which part of the phenomena you want. You need to choose.

One more version is there. A combination of a dream and a life. Which has a period of both the versions I have described. You have to choose a dream or a life in a phase, after achieving one, You can live the second phase.If at all you choose.

In the former both versions, one can get through easily, comparatively.In the later one, you need to challenge yourself, you need to grow, you need to mature with time. Everything without loosing a focus.It tests your guts.It tests your soul. When you bang on it, The dream and The life becomes 'You'! 

One dream One life,
I chose a little bit of both.
Fortunate enough I get the support,
Strong as I want.
Future has an act in its kitty,
Life is all but the gravity.
I shall stride to achieve the dream,
Holding my life within,
Indulge in present you also say,
I struggle to find your way.
Something in me grew today so strong,
I feel proud and try to hold on;
The same life and the same dream,
Because the little bit of both,
Is what you shall also reap.

PS: Just an impromptu write up. May confuse you, but all I will say is, I am proud to choose a little bit of both, the third version-if you understand! Its tough to express today!


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

    And I am lost between dream and life... :) I liked the poem though..

  2. Bubblegum,

    A little too philosophical but can be understood if read with little attention. Dream is a must for motivation to achieve something but one can not just keep dreaming. Life has to be lived with efforts to achieve dream. I agree with you that we need to have proper balance for both.

    Take care

  3. I truly love your enthusiasm for life..

    and ya cute philosophical poem.. :)

  4. AnonymousMay 03, 2012