May 11, 2012

The heart of India!

So at around 10 in the night, I was travelling through the heart line of Mumbai, yes! I was in the ladies compartment of the local train.

Now, most of these local train travelling memories are colourful. I just love to travel by these trains. You have this amazing frequency if trains. No need to wait for more than 5 minutes and lo, you can travel miles, that too at low cost.Above all, one can see all shades of all kind of personalities. That is what attracts me towards these trains. Especially if you are travelling in a ladies compartment.

I see different female phases of life. I see a new mother with a tiny toddler. Sometimes even managing crying babies or worst, twins! The most beautiful thing, other ladies will actually help such ladies to sit and manage the situation.I see a school going kid, holding his/her mom. I see a grandmother with a grand-kid, engrossed in the conversation.I see a housewife sharing her blues and pinks with other ladies. Most of the time, they would have met for the first time in the train and now they regularly meet each other as they use the same train everyday. I have seen a local-train group ladies just like kitties. I see a newly wedded lady, with all her ornaments and pink blush talking on phone. I see ladies cross checking by peeping through the entrance, if their husbands/sons or friends have boarded the same train successfully in the general compartment or not. I see college going girls giggling about the latest addition of the handsome dude or the pain of exams. I see working girls listening to the music and out of focus from the world inside. I see some girls, blushing while messaging and staring the mobile screen.I see lady vendors selling earings,files,folders,hairpins and what not and struggle to earn the bread for the family. I generally enjoy the beauty of the whole sweating,screaming atmosphere.

But,just a few days before, I saw something which actually got captured in the image-film of my heart.It was nothing very special, very general for us. But that day I pondered over the whole scene.

Just near my seat, 3 ladies covering their heads with Dupattas and lashing pretty eyes were chatting.They were discussing about the real estate condition of Mumbai. Meanwhile 2 ladies wearing salwars and mangalsutras came in rush.After settling themselves down, they started talking to those 3 ladies.A young girl wearing skirt came with a 'cross' locket hanging through the neck. She greeted all of them with a smile and dived into the discussion. What amazed me was the kind of discussion they were having. All of them were updated and putting their points logically, going in the same direction, deeply involved irrespective of the barrier of languages. Just then I realized, This is India.

We, Indians, fight due to some differences like state,caste, creed and what not.At the end, we all are one. The scene was not a drama. It was a real life situation where ladies from different castes and cultures were talking to each other so happily, even sharing snacks with each other. All educated.

I don't think so we need to discover new ideas to implement peace in our lives.They are already there. We have stopped enjoying and noting small pleasures of life when we actually live 'Unity'! Peace is an old world, we should implement 'Enjoyment'!

I will never ever forget the whole scene which helped me to realize what India is all about and how we actually live 'Unity in Diversity'! Period.

 It is the heart of India, a beautiful one.


  1. You are gonna miss this for coming few years.. :(

    1. That was fast!! But, Will never miss my Mumbai!! :) Its with me always! That was good Bubblegum! :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    This is why we have survived so far but I am not sure for how long will it be possible as there are some characters with their selfish vested interest who are pouring poison without any thoughts for nation.

    Take care