May 21, 2012

I bow to thee-2!

My school was different. I must say, it is different. We had kindergarten classes where kids don't carry school bags or the tension of tiresome and boring homework books. Kids are taught to develop their senses, their vocabulary in their mother tongue-Gujarati. They are taught sportsman spirit, loyalty. They are taught color differences, songs,prayers of all castes. They are taught clay work, craft,painting and what not.

We had pure khadi-white uniform. Unlike other schools we had to sit on the floor in the huge assembly hall for the prayer and class-cultural programs. We learnt terminology in English too and Cambridge courses too. We can speak,write and read languages clearly. Not all students have mastered all languages but at least one from many,every one has. We were given exposure of music, classical music,dancing,reading,elocution, role-prays,drama,instrumental etc. You name it and we had experienced it.It provided us the stage!!

The best thing was -culture. We were different. We are different. It may sound odd but till 5th standard we used to call our teachers 'Behen' or 'Bhai'. 'Madam' and 'Sir' came into the picture in the middle school.We actually used to sing a song dedicated to our school-our life time friend,philosopher and guide. After passing the 12th standard, we realized the actual value of our school in building our personality and everything I have mentioned here.

So whenever we, students of Sheth C.N.Vidhyalaya pass through the school, we bow to thee. It shows how much we respect our school, we worship the school like the God! It shows the immense attachment we feel.It is the epitome of any attachment I feel.

When I was passing through my first and current company today in the morning, I saw the big entrance and the big name of it from the fly over. I felt I am bowing to this company who actually made me something from actually nothing student, who developed my attitude, who gave me the opportunity to explore the corporate world. It made me what I am today. I felt the sense of pride and the whole feel was a sudden realization.

I felt the second epitome of attachment, respect and admiration.

I bow to thee, my school and my company.

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  1. Bubblegum,

    How I wish there are more schools like this to crate all round developed persons who treat each culture respectfully!

    Take care