May 3, 2012

Omens I picked!

There two types of omens. Good ones and  bad ones! We generally note the bad ones and forget to see the good ones. I sometimes feel its all in our minds-We decide to get the positive energy and so we find good omens. When we are in a confused or sad state of mind we always attract negative energy-default. We have to dive into the positive side and get the good omens. 

I myself half of the time struggle to find those 'Good omens', so get scared of bad ones and the upcoming future. I suddenly realized in the morning about 'Omens we pick' while listening to the music. My not-feeling-well state changed slowly into the rocking-and-enjoying state of mind! Songs I played in my i-pod relaxed my mind and took out the bad feelings. I realized it was 'my pick'! I realized, when we pick a bad omen, we actually get to see more and more 'bad omens'! 

I decided to today to make a list of all good goodie omens around me I missed to see in last few days.Here I go!!

  • I have my ipod and Sony earplugs (The deadly combination!) with me and so I can indulge into music anytime any where!!! I have finally managed to get musical things in place!
  • I actually celebrated my Birthday birth week birth month so so nicely! Ah, Thanks a lot my buddies :)
  • My life is changing slowly, new opportunities are coming up! How can I miss noting those omens?
  • He is recovering, slowly but steadily! :) :) :)
  • I met one of  my college friends (note: A girl!!) after like ages and we enjoyed a lot lot. All our favorite things-Shopping, Panipuri, ganneka ras and coconut water! ah, and most important three things-chatting chatting and chatting :D
  • I saw a hilarious,musical and touching Gujarati play with a wonderful buddy! :) The best time of the month. ah, second best! First one was this!
  • I am fullto into love of  fast walking and jogging so much! It is not making any difference on my body that's a different story. :P
  • Even if I cry, crib, do all kinds of tantrums knowingly or unknowingly, some buddies can tolerate my vandalism, handle me and repair my mind-Hook or by crook :D
  • I made cheesecake!! Come on, its a good omen!!
Once I started I noted each and every good things happened to me in last few days. The weather appeared to be nice and it made me smile all my way to office. I guess I managed to pick Good omens over bad! 

Did you?


  1. Bubblegum,

    You are right. It is only in mind. If one has positive thinking everything falls into place but if there is ever a little negative thinking then all goes haywire. I am sure that by God's Grace your Fua ji will be fine soon. So do keep positive mind. Did I wish you on your birthday. If not, here it is Belated Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.

    Take care

  2. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    I did !!!!


    1. Please elaborate on what did You pick?