May 17, 2012

Ek jaam friends ke name!

I just heard it on the radio some days before, "Friends are relatives, we choose!"!

Not bad. Friends are important and they become super important if you are away from your family.They keep you high all time (in my case!), they scold you when you are up to some stupid action.They become your moral support. Its true, they are relatives we choose!

Suddenly I have become very much conscious of the fact that, we must enjoy the present when we are with friends. Never know till what time you all will be together, in the same city. Worst, in touch.I started noting how I feel special and I smile because of small tiny cute gestures (or a tight scolding session!) of my buddies, irrespective of their locations!

I wanted to capture some of these moments, I guess I need a 3D (Harry Potter fame?) camera?!

-My frock buddy N pinged me in the morning some days back on 'whatsapp'! The conversation was like this-(meaning less?!)
Frock buddy N:Uth gai??
Bubblegum: Yeah why?
Frock buddy N:Hehehe, ese hi.

A big smile by Bubblegum! :)

-I was feeling exhausted after the Nashik travelling and the pinch of pain. The night was horrible with head ache and I was forced to take rest. I slept off finally. Before my alarm rings, I got a mail alert on my mobile. I checked. I got a biiiig mail from my best-buddy which made my day!! I read it for 238740 times and I guess my all pain disappeared suddenly.I mean when he writes I just love to read and whenever I ask him to blog or write more, he says, "I am very bad at it!! I know you will read this,just wanna tell you,

"Dude you write your mind-heart out!!! At least write for me!!!" :)

-Here goes a conversation with my bro-buddy on call, while waiting for another friend of us, Shana.

Bubblegum: I am waiting for Shana-sir. (Sarcasm is important!) 
Bro-buddy:Oooo sir!! (He is scared for Shana may be now!)
Bubblegum: (Trying to control my frustration!) Let him come late. Poor guy is missing some moments with a good friend like me!
Bro-buddy:What about the poor girl waiting for him?
Bubblegum: The girl will roar like a tigress!! (Woow!)
Bro-buddy:Not roar, you will mew like a cat!! 
After the incident (Shana is still alive!), the very next day I got a ping from my bro-buddy!

"What is tigress doing?!!"
Mugambo khush hua!! ;)

-When two nashik-buddies (One is JQ and the second one lazy fellow SB!) mail me and there is a loop of chains mails with no agenda. In one such mails,we start playing Antakshari! (I am the initiator!)

"Guys,These mails are very precious to me!! To remember how stupid we are!!!"

-A friend of yours from USA whom I call by the name of  a film character (which I don't want to publish here or else this can be my last blog!) he hates to be called, gets irritated when I suggest him a makeover which can make him look like his sister-ditto!!  :D 

"Dude, If you are reading this, I wont call you by your real name. Ever!!!" :D

-A school-college friend KS who is a doctor now, scolds you like your father to take the vaccine, you are scared of. For the first time in life. Period. Oh I felt special but I certainly dint smile!! :P

-The would-be of the same doctor-childhood friend fellow, pings you and makes you understand about the whole vaccine thing!She is a doctor and the vaccine is important! Thehenga to Dr.KS, I smiled! :P

Such crazy friends make me smile or make me special each time they dive into my daily life.I can note a lot many incidents but these are the latest ones!! ;)

To all my friends and upcoming new friends,

Guys and girls, you call I am high all time!! That's because of you!!
Ek jaam friends ke name,


PS: Jaam-Kissan jam, okay?! ;)


  1. Absolutely agree about the part that friends are relatives we choose. Unfortunately, sometimes relatives have hidden agendas. but friends are the ones who are moofat enough to tell you things on your face. Love them. :)

  2. Bubblegum,

    May you have such good friends all your life.

    Take care