May 9, 2012


Declaimer: Scattered thoughts on the subjects compile, so-Champi chatting! Read at your own risk to understand! :D

So when my head was aching badly last night, as if some body is igniting dynamites in my mind one by one, I recalled the song!! Yeah I am like that, I have a song for every situation and almost every dialogue given, precisely!

"Sir jo tera chakraye, ya dil duba jae, aaja pyare paas humare, kahe ghabharaye kahe ghabharaye, Sun sun sun, are baba sun is Champi mein bade bade gun!" 

Yes, I just love head-massage (Champi!) and especially by my Youngest Masi and my mom! They are experts! With God's grace I have got the talent too.Me and my masi both are on the violent side though!! If you understand! :D

So, I believe giving champi is an art and a god gift. Not everybody can do it. It needs passion, involvement, heart and yes the oil!! The hands doing good champi are blessed. One actually pours positive energy by hands. The loving and caring person can only give the best champi!The champi-taker (the one under the act!) feels the relaxation out of all freaking-blood sucking tensions and headaches. My masi as I stated is on violent side always gives me the awesome champi whenever we meet. The service she gives comes to an end with the sleep and yes the messy-mahakali-hair-looks.Any way I remember the good part only!I guess me, my other masis, mom and cousins, we all are obsessed with her champis! I remember before her marriage my mom and me, both used to wait for her every alternate days and enjoy the champi!

My mom-who herself is also a good champi-specialist, used to spoil me by indulging in the holy champi to her highness-Bubblegum. I had to forget the champi thing when I used to get targeted by Migraines after leaving home for my job.My mom used to make me so much relaxed when I used to go mad by these chronic headaches which also give insomnia free of cost with them.Ah, I missed the mom-masi wala champi last night a lot. Was all the blabbering, a kind of digressing??! :D

So, I recalled all those champi moments with mom and masi.Then, I traveled more towards present in memory trip.I am blessed with the champi-giving art too, albeit not exactly like mom-masi duo. I remember my  bhaiyas coming for the special champi during my Indore trips! My younger brother who was then-of almost my height coming for the oil-champi. I guess he doesn't get headaches now-and headaches are now afraid of his huge structure!!My papa-everyday enjoys champi-not by me-by mom! And, a proud moment-My mom enjoys a lot,champis given by me! My 2 room mates at Pune used to come to me almost every week for the very special Bubblegum-champis!! :) For a champi-giver, these are proud moments!

There is a rule but! A champi giver can not do his or her own champi!! Yes, mostly. So I missed my masi and mom so badly for a while. Yahin duniya ka usool hai!!Just like,a real mom can not pierce her daughter's ears! (Wheeeee, there is a saying in Gujarat!! :D)

I have read somewhere, years ago, The 'Shampoo' word has come from the Hindi 'Champi' word during British-Raj!!

Ah,The real-point of this Rant-like champi chatting was-Nothing-How I missed chmapis at home! :(

Hey but,I can conclude with a good part and no-headache-only-fun-state,

"Lakh dukho ki ek dava hai, kyona aazame....kahe ghabharaye kahe ghabharaye.."!


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    I also give decent champi....only my style is different...but in the end you forget the headache

    1. If you are Shana.....Hmmmmmmm :D :D

  2. Hahaha...i should make Zack read this post, then he will tell u I am in your league too...I give such a nice champi to him that he gets a sound sleep without fail :D

    You are right - in the world of champi - thou shalt only give :D

    P.S Kindly turn off captcha if possible


    1. Okay for Captcha!! Wait for a day! :) and well..champis!! I love to see a person relaxed after giving a champi! I always tell papa, but now he cant help it, he is scared I will make him bald. (He has a very few numbers left on his head!! ) :P

  3. Bubblegum,

    While reading this I could see Johney Walker going around the park singing this song in the movie. It is really relaxing if given correctly. And one can not do own champi. Looking forward to an expert champi on your visit to Delhi.

    Take care