May 29, 2012

A question thanks to 'Matilda'!

I guess I had seen the movie somewhere when I was matured enough to understand it's not for me, its for kids! :/ But who cared? Or who cares even now![I guess the post is going to be long and meaning less in the beginning but I want to blog to clear the nostalgia feeling!!]

 So the other day when I was roaming on the streets of Mumbai, Me and my buddy noticed piles of books and that means that is our favorite place to be. I was in need of books to satisfy my need of daily reading. My buddy took the plunge of suggesting books along with the 'Book wale' bhaiya. Suddenly I noticed a book named 'Matilda' in the kids literature book-lot. I grabbed it at once.

The teenager Bubblegum with her three years old mischievous cousin is sitting in the drawing room and watching television in the horrible hot evening of May. I remember the month as otherwise at five in the evening you can never get me inside home. I would be out to play with Frock buddy N.

My cousin is as usual asking me thousands of question and was focused on not letting his Didi to breath even for a minute. Suddenly I noticed a notorious looking girl on some random channel on the television doing something with her father's hat. I remember everything.Crispy clear. I asked my cousin to watch the girl and tried to make him watch the movie. From the very moment the terrible-two-chatterboxes were so much engrossed in the movie that mom and masi inside the kitchen dint realized at all that we are still in the drawing room. I guess the day was a golden-head ache free day for my mom. Yeah the terrible duo (One in 9th standard and the other was not even sure about the meaning of education!) used to make them feel crap with headaches, of course with the help of other cousins! ;)

May be I learnt something from the movie that day, how to fight for your rights. How to help people. How to tolerate tough things of the life and still try to get out of the cage.Kids movie and innocent I say!

Flashback over:

I grabbed the book. I went home. After two days I picked the book. Read it at once. Finished and enjoyed.Yeah kids book it is. But Don't you think, each one of us loves to be a kid again??

There is so much innocence in these kinds of books. How to fight evil, what is good, what is bad. What great people do, what bad people do.Why jealousy is bad.How to respect for people who care for us. Why we shouldn't bad mouth. Everything. I guess my ethics are built on the basis of what I have read apart from my parents upbringing. We all have learnt these stuffs in our childhood days.

Suddenly a question popped up in my mind.

Do we really care about 'those values' we have learnt in our childhood?


  1. Bubblegum,

    A very valid question or rather a reminder to all of us to remember values which we learnt in childhood and were proud of those. One should never let the child within wither away as that within makes us feel happy on small things which as grown ups we may not even notice.

    Take care

  2. Truly juvenile.. It really evinced your "Innocence" ! I think this is what makes you "YOU"..