May 10, 2012

A talk with my God

Dear God,

What to tell you. You give me all happiness but with a pinch, every time. Last time I asked for something, you gave me after months with a lot of pain. I still wanted to respect your decision. You dint let me. A blast and the whole dream world collapsed. I had realized by the time, the world was something I dint deserve! Then why did you give? If you gave, you snatched?! I am happy now you did.I deserved the better one!

Months later, a gift from god came, brick by brick I started re-building my dream world in this true world. I realized this was the world I wanted. Not the one which was in my past. I was super happy. The time flew. World was there,strongest- ready to fight against all odds. Suddenly you started moving the plate beneath the world. It shacked. I am sure, the world is my goal. My motto. My life.

Is it necessary to shake?Is it necessary to give me a pinch?? Is it necessary to ruin my world again? No.

You wont do that!! Right??? I cant even complain that, you don't give me what I want. You give and then snatch. Don't do it again. I have still some faith in you. Some? You are the reason to our existence.

Hope you wont let my faith die.

Waiting for your decision,(I have decided, it wont change!)

PS:I really need to believe in 'you'. Prove it!Dont let the whole thing die.


  1. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    shacked????? more like it!!!

    if u move up and the down the bylanes of kandivali,the world is going to shake. How much load can mother earth take.??


    1. I am just praying you meet me very soon, I will give the answer face to face. What say?

  2. I have lot of similar thoughts with Him like this. Of course he does not come down and reply to me :D

    But what I feel I will share with you.

    You feel as if God chooses you and only you for all the sufferings? That is because you are special to him, He likes you talking to him coz nobody else does and He likes to see your strength increasing by leaps and bounds.

    Always think that you are special for Him, that will answer most of your queries ( it always does for me) :)


    1. Visha, you are very true. I am special for my people around me too. Some how this time I feel I have learnt enough. I am happy though, My god has made me so strong, I can tolerate anything. One time he can fulfill my wish without a pinch of pain?? Just once?

  3. Bubblegum,

    Please do keep in mind that when God does something which you do not expect or wish for, it is because God has something better planned for you. It is best to keep faith and positive thoughts. I am sure you will find not only happiness but peace of mind also.

    Take care

    1. Yeah my faith is alive due to the same fundae. But, how many times? It is like, God thyself gives me, I love it and then one day the whole thing will become a dream! I am sure, I am going to try my real best this time,again.

  4. It's simple dost.. No pain No gain..!!

    Sometimes road to your dream is more beautiful than your dream itself.. What say?