October 9, 2011

What I want from India..

No no! I am not going to lecture you all what I can do for India or what India can do for us ! Its a different need! I am always amazed at the diversity we have as a single nation and we can use the best of all regions and bring out colours to our life! (Oho..That's a poetic try!! Kids can use in essays!! :p)

Here is the list of things I would love to have on some days from different regions of India!So all my friends from all regions ,you can help me out ;)

  • Nath (Marathi style nose ring!!) But hey the wish is over yesterday!! Thanks buddy!
  • Patola saree from Patan (I guess I should ask it from my whomsoever would be husband singing the perfect Gujarati folk ..'Patan thi patola mongha lavjo'!! Ahem!! Its the kind of saree which is hand made kind of and it costs (The real one!) from 20k (Lower range) to 5-6 Lacs!!! Yesss!! I think better let this wish be a dream ;)
  • Doda Barfi from Delhi!! (Are you listening to me??!! )
  • Earings (stone wale) from Jaipur!! Awesome one!! I love them!!
  • Golden saree (less white) from Kerala. But I guess for sarees better let it be a wish!! :P
  • Shell ear rings from Kerala or Goa.
  • An awesome fur sweater or jacket from Ladakh!
  • Regional dress of Ladakh! Yes the same Kareena had put on in 3 Idiots and Jab we met!
  • Navvari (9 vaar) saree from Pune! But one condition is there! It should be stitched!! :P
  • Coffee of Coorg!!!
  • Patiyala from Chandigardh!! :)
  • Strawberries from Mahabaleshwar!! Not from Mapro guys!
  • Idiyappam from south!!(I am still confused from where it is!)
  • Rabadi from Mount Abu!(Believe me Guys its awesome!)
  • Dhup chhaun Kanchivaram saree from Chennai :)
  • Raagi Halwa from Manglore!
  • Kalkattti kurte! Something for my brothers and guy friends! Some day!
  • Khadi kurta and cotton hand woven Sarees from Ahmedabad! (Now don't stare at the city! I have got them!! :P )
  • Apart from things I would like to have a folk songs/ regional music of all regions! Love to listen to different music... :)
The list is not the finale list! Whever I visit a city, everytime I fall in love for the city for things' not-so-famous'which are still specialities of the city! So the list is never ending but worth buying (Conditions apply!). It makes me feel good about our mulitcultured INDIA :)

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