October 19, 2011

Walks To Remember..

I was always a fan of this activity ie. walking.My mother and a lot many friends think I walk like a kid/a young guy or bla bla!! My mother used to make me walk by keeping books on my head so that I can get the charm! I was a bharatnatyam dancer but the effect dint come into anything except my dance, my expressions (read: Heavy expressions), walking when I wear high heels!Other wise I look like a jumping jack going on the road :P

I remember in an induction programme in a traditional round I had to walk on the ramp! The trainer had toughed times to make me walk in a model kindda grace! The grace came but the walk was not 'latak matak' at all!! Though as it was 'choli' of Gujarat, people loved it in a traditional way!! :P Yeyeyeye!!

But then why do I remember walks?? I had several walks ..Infinite walks.. I would like to recall all of them!
  • Walks with mumma! Once I started going to the college I had many holidays and in vacations I used to go with mom for walking.We used to chat a lot and that's where exactly the mother-daughter relation turned into a friendly relation! :)
  • Walks with my frock buddy N! These walks were only and strictly 'funny' episodes and kands we did!! We used to roll on the road while walking as we would be constantly laughing!!
  • Walks from my Pune office to home with my Gujju-Mallu friends!! Not to forget my friend MJ (Yeah the nick name by yours truly!)..Whom I gifted 'Amul Chhash' on his birthday!!! We used to chat about our first job and worst experiences ever then! :P
  • Walks inside my company plants in 'kadi dhoop'!! I don't remember these episodes okay? :p
  • Walks from my office to accommodations in last 9-10 months! Every day 3-4 people will make a group, who will be living nearby!! We had such an influence that one or 2 friends of us who had to in another direction were forced to accompany us and then sit in CCD with me!( I think I made those rules!!!)..
  • Walks after lunch in the company!! Yes I love this type! Again some 4-5 people (Not to forget they were many before! Those includes my office-leaving-gang-members!) would take a walk in the company campus!! The sessions were/are either knowledge sharing sessions (Be it Company news,OEMs,Stock market, real estate or latest technology) or Leg-pulling sessions!!! We don't have many members left, but we try hard to continue this tradition! (Are you listening Delhi friends??)
  • After dinner sessions were also made sometimes! Those will be very personal sessions! All love stories and tragedies happening in lives would be shared!!But but Me with 2-3 friends broke the chain and started leg-pulling sessions here also!  :P These were followed by Baskin Robbins ice creams or local kulfis!!
  • Walks meant for exercise followed by jogging!! :/ Though I have started enjoying them as well :) Thanks to my lovely I-pod!
Most of walks are now only in memories and I love to cherish them! Yes, we do have some walks in our pockets and I am sure will create some more!!! :)

Are you also having  such walks to remember??


  1. i think you have missed out certain "walks"

  2. Man,I told you... I included that ramp walk :Pand else if you can remember do tell me :)