October 16, 2011

Delhi ke do deen :)

I was really thinking about my habit of shooting random bullets in most of the write-ups! I am very much used to the same pattern, but this time sorrrry! I have to shoot them again! I have enjoyed my Delhi-Faridabad-Guragaon trip  with my work so so much...! :) so cheers!

  • When I was reaching the Mumbai Airport I felt so tired and felt as if I am going to sleep in the flight.I was not sure how will I survive without sleeping on Delhi airport!! But but.. The passengers surrounding me kept me busy in observing different culture and life styles in a tired mood. The moment I came out of the flight on Delhi airport....I was on cloud 9! Yes I am a big fan of Delhi ka Awesome Mausam! I was charged up! I could feel the spirit!! May be it was a psychological change! But it was a change!
  • The traffic was as bad as Mumbai but I was really into listening peppy songs on my ipod and watching BMWs,Mercs and Audis!!
  • The Panchsheel area can be scary at night but thanks to my office-mates waiting for me at the guest house fulfilled my dream of walking in 'Andheri Galiya' of Panchsheel at 11 in the night and having an ice cream too!! :)
  • While reaching out our suppose to be work place at Faridabad we visited Lotus temple! We were the first 2 persons to have a chance to sit in the amazingly peaceful 'Prarthana Gruh' and got to know some wonderful facts about Lotus temple and Bahai Samuday.
  • Faridabad was as bad as any industrial area combined with a residential area. Roads were of not at all good:P But working there was awesome! :) 4-5 Hours were spent without getting tired! As I know fun after work is approaching faster! :)
  • Faridabad to Gurgaon was just 45 mins by car thanks to the driver! :) Met some 2-3 friends and 2 Dadas of mine and felt tooooo goood! Yes they are from my leaving gang ex-office mates! :)
  • Gurgaon is nothing but a chain of shopping malls. The festive mood of Karva Chauth was awesome! Beautiful ladies with cute mehandis and traditional wears with fusion were rocking! We celebrated one of our friends birthday, had food and enjoyed! :) I was just busy in either chattering or observing the spirit!! It was not scary for me thannks to all my friends :)
  • The Delhi Metro made us reach Hauj Khas in just 20 mins from Gurgaon!!!! It was a wonderful experience with Metro! The kind of international level they have developed is speechless! P.R.O.U.D!
  • Again Panchsheel with a compulsory walk and an ice cream!!! :)  Happy souls! :)
  • The Sunday!!! Roaming around and shopping at Sarojini Nagar is something I will cherish and of course will be remembered as I spent some good bucks on it ;) The style and the charm with attitude!Inspired!! :)
  • The Delhi Haat! A must visit place for all foodies and handicraft lovers! From Rajsathani, Marathi,Punjabi to authentic Bangla food apart from Punjabi food!! It includes food from Manipur,Ladakh and Lakshadweep too!!! :) Handicrafts were a bit expensive but I would love to buy them all any time!! :) We indulged in Rabadi,Kachouri,Sweet potatoes to Kulfi :)
  • The packs of Doda Barfi were Visas for me and my team-mate to enter Mumbai!! We had to rush :)
  • We again roamed around in the airport though my legs were not allowing me and my Dil was still telling me..'Hey you are still in Delhi!! You should explore!!!' Ahem! As you know I follow my heart! :P
I wish I can be in Delhi every year!! Every month.. to get my self charged up!! Thanks to My ex-office mates and my 2 brothers!!! I LOVED the feel of Delhi!!! :)


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