October 3, 2011

Points i noted....4th oct!

  • 3 Friends who have resigned cant take their papers back!! yeah It was what I wanted from them! Ahem!!! (I know I am a selfish friend!!!) I gave up!
  • I want them back at any cost!
  • I just realized what you want in life will never stay with you forever! You have to find new goals!
  • I am over with my surprise giving plans!! I am running out of ideas as well!
  • I have started hating coffee a bit!! (Good going bubbles!! :P )
  • I am simply getting afraid of the saree day at office!! For the whole day?!?! Bachaaoooo!
  • I am going to Keral Keral Keral!! (Not 3 times! Just that I am super excited!)
  • Super dooper stressful project coming up-Being alone without best buddies in office! I am all armed with whatsapp and mails! :P
  • I am going to keep cool at office! :P New resolution!
  • I am  leaving 'Rakhadpatti/bhatakana' era and entering into a reading spree! :P
  • I have realized that auto/bus/cars/train makes me sleep within minutes if I am tried :P
  • I hope to blog about my office gang very soon!! Something!! :)

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