October 7, 2011

Facing the fear.....

There are some fears (or some silly fearsome features) which freaks me out.Some days back I was going through some company stuffs and got focused to 'Face the fear' lines many times.

I would definitely love to fight against the fear.The real point is to face them.Most of the time we create scary images and don't face them , we don't try,we just panic!We just get tensed! I decided to at least make a list (If at all I can remember all, but there is always a next time!) and face the titles at least! :P May be I will get motivated to reduce the list one by one and conquer them all!! :) :)

  • Swimming!!!I do have hydro-phobia kind of a thing! I am scarred of swimming pools and sea-shores! I love water-mud puddles though! Above all I am not ready to tan my already not-so glowing skin!! (Any idea to overcome?! :P)..I would really love to swim someday!! (I know swimming is the best exercise!! )
  • I am scared of playing football! Call it my inability to get into the groove or my fear of failing in the game as a girl or getting some one who makes me feel good about myself and makes me learn!! Ahem! But some day man...someday I will hit kick the ball!
  • Hair-treatments and spas!! I just see people pampering themselves and feel happy!! No....Actually I am scared of both!! Straightening to spa...I will decide-think-rethink and drop the plan.
  • I cant see friends leaving places where I dwell!! Yeah a number of resignations from my buddies is a 'Sajhish' to let me face the fear of being alone! I guess I would manage it pretty well and delete the point from this list!! :)
I need to be stronger :)

PS:I have just mentioned fears which can add value to my personality intensely if I overcome. Baki I have a longer list for fears like fear of facing Dogs,mice,crossing roads sometimes,even watching someone scratching walls (what?!?!yess!!)!!


  1. Oh! So you started discovering yourself..

  2. good good .. really really good ... nice start this is but u have to continue on this path to overcome all these .... best of luck ono tht