October 30, 2011

Post-Vacation blues!!

The moment I stepped outside the Mumbai Airport, The post vacation blues appeared!!!..

Yes! After the awesome Kerala trip I am back to 'Aamchi Mumbai'!! The god's own country is holding me back and one side of me is happy after getting back to my city-2! :)

The usual randomness started in my life... :P

  • I jumped out of the grill of the airport arrival lobby to grab the auto-opportunity! To my horror My camera bag slipped from my hand and my heart beat skipped!!!! 
  • Unpacking of my bag was the longest job I did-That's what I felt at the moment-oops Minutes!
  • The watchman greeted me saying 'Madam diwali ka chanda baki hai!!'!!!
  • I realized I need to recharge the photon plug in or else I will go blank without net!
  • I wanted to sleep but I dint!! 
  • I had a talk with almost all friends I can and felt okay after the first attack of mumma-papa sickness!
  • I wanted to blog blog at any cost and so I am doing it! I missed blogging!
  • I am still in love -The silk saree I got from Cochin! -Some day baby I will use you! :)
  • I am in love with 2 songs again -'Sheher mein-Rock star' and 'Rythem divine'!
  • I went to CCD all alone to remember my good-old coffee buddies after a NO TEA- COFFEE week!
  • I am again dreaming of Sony Neo V!! Dreams come true! Hold on!
  • 5 friends getting married,My masi coming after years to Ahmedabad and One friend's engagement & probability of cousin's marriage--->I am getting mad!! Hell! I am the youngest of all! :)
  • From Monday-Office again!! Well not to worry! Gonna meet all my 'baki bache' buddies of office! 
Monday Here I come!! Show me the pink side not the blue one! :)

PS: Yeah yeah coming soon-Kerala trip titbits....with clicks!!!

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