October 20, 2011

'Random' bullets about randomness in life!!

I am again back to pavilion on bulleting on the blog!!! wah wah !! But I feel there is no other way which can perfectly describe my feelings  random feelings about life!!! Here I shoot...

  • I am super^n (n=infinite) excited for my trip to Kerala & spending full 7 days with Family!!
  • I feel so good about the festive season in the air! When We walk back from office in the late evening all I can see is people buying gifts,diya,colours for rangoli and what not!!! Bliss!!!
  • I spent an hour taking a good click to make a greeting and to mail it to all!! I think mailing is the best way to avoid paper!! This year I wont be able to make hand made cards :(  Frock buddy N!
  • I am yet to finish my shopping and other work for which mom keeps on bugging :P and I sigh!
  • I am towards double PhD on mobiles- read Android mobiles! Still man I cant win over my brothers!!
  • Photography will be on focus for some days!! (My brother at Delhi? I need your help!)
  • I am scared how I am going to be without Internet for 7 days! (Ah I remember! My father will be with all his gadget army!!I need not worry!) But I feel I wont use it for 7 days!! I wish!
  • My frankness is increasing day by day ! The level scares some of my friends! :P
  • My Pagalpan for masti has crossed the limit and it is scaring all on the floor! :P
  • The news of earthquake in Gujarat at 11 in the night scared me a bit!! Though I feel all Gujaratis can do PhD on what to do and what not to do at this time! :P Relax Bubblegum!
  • I am hooked on to the song 'Love will show you everything' :P Double hooked on 'Senorita'! Still!
  • I feel I should start learning a language and yes ,again playing 'Sudoku'! I miss it!
  • I am really scared of tanning, I might get during my trip!!! :P :P (Yeah a bit girlish fear!)
  • I am super excited and a bit nervous on SPA thingie of Kerala!! A fear Factor!
  • I am missing decorating my home with Rangoli and Diyas!! Mom never ever needed to look at the same! It was in my custody!!!
  • Buying a pair of jeans is the next fear I might add into the list!
  • I am a big time lurker for all techno-holic videos!!
  • I am into ragging of one of my juniors in the office and he is one of the gang of 3 persons younger to me! Still He doesn't listen to me!
  • I am still waiting for a call from my Bhai at Pune!! (He doesn't talk to me at all!!! huh!!) He doesn't about know my blog! Ahem!
  • Oh I just recalled.. I am going to Kerala!!! Yuuppppppy!!!!Yuppppy!!


  1. Loved the energy and excitement in your tone :)
    Enjoy the festive season and have a blast in Kerela :D