October 6, 2011

Before this year ends...

Its the October starting..In Jan before taking a new resolution lets recheck whats left!! Though generally my life revolves 180 degree from Jan to the year end so.. I make resolutions as and when needed--Please don't ask me the out come!!  : /

There are certain things/plans/passion I want to indulge in before this year end! They can make me full of life..Read satisfactorily lived life... :) Lets check it out!

  • Visiting Kerala!! (Thanks to Papa I don't need to plan it out!! :) )
  • Reading some 9-10 books left in my list!! Okay I think I can do it!! :)
  • Refreshing my Bharatnatyam a bit! May be 2-3 weeks before a year end!
  • Muziiiiiiic...Want to make a proper era wise collection now! I do have some 10-20 GB collection!!!
  • Want to make a stand-kind-of-a-thingie to place my huge huge collection of ear rings and bracelets!
  • Taking care of my fitness !! Really!!! I need stamina to fight also! (Don't ask me about details! :P )
  • Harassing all all my best friends of  office (Who are no more floor-mates :P ) to the core that they come back!! :/
  • Blogging blogging and blogging!! Donno why I love it!
  • Playing badminton regularly now! (Where is the court man! I have to search!!)
  • One more time : All you office-leaving-gang-members!! I will not 'baksh' you!! Okay?? :P

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