October 2, 2011

'Mumbai thi Gadi avi re'-Navratri @ Mumbai

Amdavadi Navaratri was something I was missing but hey I got the feel of the festival right here in Mumbai!! There were differences in the way people celebrate here but with a gang -going for garba is something I enjoyed the most!! Back to back 3 days of Garba is something I have not done for last 3-4 years!! Ahem!!

  • Mumbai's Navaratri is all about 'Phalguni Pathak'! People go mad! In Ahmedabad I think more craze is there for 'Shyamal Shaumil Munshi' or 'Sanjay Oza'! But Phalguni style is different than what we love in Ahmedabad!! Positive point is I loved Mumbai styles too!
  • I gotta learn Mumabi Garba action!! (They call here is mumbai dodhiyu which is different than Amdavadi)..
  • I was shocked to see when some people dint let dance a person who cant pick easily. Learning word is not there if you want to join a group and enjoy! I guess in Ahmedabad only 'masti' is important  and guys with left feet also dance :)
  • Girls came in jeans and kediyu , salwar kamiz! It was something surprising!
  • I loved the way people over here spend thousands of bucks for garba nights :P
  • On personal front I was confident enough to carry Chaniya choli when none of girls in group were in chaniya choli!! wooow!! :P Ask how many girls were there!! :P :P
  • I loved to teach my non gujarati friends basics of Garba!! And boy I am good at it!! :)
  • The most surprising thing was The garba night starts at 7 or 8 pm and ends at 10 pm!! (I hate it!) We start at 10.30 in Ahmedabad!! :P phew!
With so many likes and dislikes I still went for 3 days back to back! Got tired like hell! I may again go for garba for other days also ;) If I would have the same loveliest group! :)

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