October 31, 2011

Kerala Chronicles-I

The dream came true and the D-Day arrived!! Ooops I started my Kerala trip with the early morning call of Easy cab driver at 4!!! Armed with all my luggage to the airport! Met parents and was happppppy happppy !!!! 2 hours flight time spent nicely by chattering with Mumma Papa and Brother plus sleeping!

Trichi :As the name says 'Kerala' aka 'Land of coconuts' , I got the feeling as soon as I stepped out of the plane in Trichi!A Short runway, small city airport ,Humidity and the light lovely smell of coconuts, I was in love!!!

With the name- plate of dad with the expected wrong spelling of all of us, we were greeted by the driver!! Our companion ,guide and Uncle -Rajendra! The first word he said was 'Kem cho'!! (What?!!!!) I said 'Ennekyu manasilayla!' The only Malayalam Sentence I know! :P

We entered  backwaters at our feet at Poovar island resort! Palm trees,wild fruits and flowers floating on the surface of clean water! We placed our baggage in the boat and witnessed the concept of backwater and what does it mean to be in 'God's own country'!! Blessed!!!!

The resort was just speechless, Floating rooms and the horizon at sunset!!!Just wow!! Be it Flowers decoration or lush green trees ,wooden boats or healthy food with unhealthy dessert!!! :) I was in double love! The evening boat ride all in the back waters was refreshing!!

While travelling by road I had realized the market of Tata Ace, Mahindra pick up,Logan, Majors,Thar and Nano was very strong! (Sorry being from an OEM makes you like this!). I also realized Silk sarees of Kerala is something I will really miss if I wont buy!!! Everywhere boards of sarees showing different patterns were making me mad! Above all I realized a fat hero called Mohanlal is a super star here!

Kovalm beach was very calm unlike what I thought of! I witnessed traditional fishing by a gang of fishermen! The sound coming from the net made me think it was a big fish- bigger than whale! They were hundreds of small fishes!!! The climate with light showers were cooling us like anything!

Kanyakumari :The second day was planned one day trip to Kanyakumari-The end of India,Where Swami Vivekanand got the brahma gyan or Where Mata Parwati remained unmarried for some more days (So we call it 'Kanyakumari'), Sangam of Indian Ocean,Bay of Bangla and The Arabic sea!

The kumbh ka mela types lines were something I can forgive after seeing the mesmorizing beauty of 3 shades of blue getting into one ocean, Fast moving clouds,Patterns made by water and clouds on land!! Triple love!

The next day Allepy tour was something I was not able to wait for!!! Coming soon the part-II!!


PS:  The camera was making me hyper ! Showers were coming in between my passion but some how I managed!!

PS-2: Life is coming in the original shade now! Coming up shadis are a concern now! Missing my buddies today!!!

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