October 12, 2011

The golden 'Bermuda' Triangle trip

  • So Finally the nightmare (Or a dream!) came true when I had the privilege to be in 3 cities in a single day! Yes..Breakfast in Mumbai , Lunch at Nashik and Dinner at Pune!! It begged some good numbers of likes on facebook as well!! Well that's a good part of the story.. The bad one is : I have nearly lost my voice due to fatigue! In the morning I speak like a pig screaming for food!!  :/ By night it will be fine..And again... :( I call it a Bermuda triangle!
  • I enjoyed my journey from Mumbai to Nashik giving a tribute  to The famous Jagjit Singh! I would like to dedicate a post to him! I heard all all Ghazals and songs by him in my I-pod!
  • I realized how the Nashik - Pune highway affects your mental state!
  • I also realized I cant cross highway junctions and some roads full of traffic on my own! :/
  • Met my very gooood gooodie friends from good old days :)
  • I realized its a bliss getting wet in rains!!
  • A cup of hot coffee in CCD with best of friends will make you feel less tired! It works!
  • After 4+6=10 hours journey again my travelling thrill started the next day! From city area to Industrial area 1hour+1 hours=2 hours! and In the evening back to Mumbai in 6 hours!! The total is 10+12=22 hours travelling in 48 hours!! hmmmmmmm...
  • I realized my geographical knowledge is freakingly bad!! I can see my papa's face in anger! :P
  • I again got wet on second day of the trip and dint feel blessed! Ahem!
  • I hate hate hate Mumbai traffic!! I repeat!
  • I was harassed by 3 very genuine personalities in my life without my fault!! :/
  • While reaching home I was again planning the trip a day after!! Hmmm Dilli ab door nahi :) Here I come .... :)

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