October 19, 2011

Happy realization!!

I have discovered and realized that,

  • I enjoy my own company a lot!
  • I want to indulge in every possible fun giving tasks be it singing , dancing, roaming around,jogging to face-booking! I want to do it all and after office its not possible , so I become hyper active!!!!
  • I need to build up my stamina to fulfill all my wishes above :P
  • I really really need to take a break and meet my parents  :(  but :)  I am going to meet them soon!
  • I am enjoying my life so much being busy and sometimes being alone! I used to feel bad when most of my gang-members left for better opportunities!! I have learnt to enjoy my own company! :) Thanks guys/gals! Yeah it doesn't mean I will stop harassing you or stop asking you all to come back!! :/
  • Thanks to my 2 room-mates who are younger to me, I have started a feeling of being an elder sister but sometimes I end up being almost like them!! :P
  • I enjoy wherever I stay now , after being the victim of changing cities/accommodations every 4 months! Be it Ahmedabad,Nashik,Pune or Mumbai :)
  • I love the simple and soothing life style of small cities to rocking Metro cities , though I feel metro cities will be suitable to my dreams like going an extra mile with my career and 'roam-around' habits!
  • I blog for myself and I love and just LOVE to blog! Howzz that!? :P
  • I am moving towards doing a PhD in smart phones!!! :P
  • I am lazy enough not to pamper my self!! I need to take care!
  • I NEED to learn how to cross the road on my own!!!! :( :/
  • I want to love and like green tea!!! Any ideas to improve taste?!I want green tea bags to make 'tasty green tea'!!! :P 
  • I am missing my balcony garden! It seems my Papa's hobby of having gardens at home is jumping again and again in my mind!!!
  • Diwali preparations in our area has started and The 'missing home' feeling is very strong as I love to do Rangolis (Different on each day!), preparing Diyas, decorating home!!! Next year may be!
  • The most exciting thing is leaving for Kerala !!!! :P :P  Super like to it!
  • I should get rid of the habit of randomly shooting bullets in every post!! Shuh!! : /
  • I have become my own fan the way I am enjoying life!!!(I am listening to one my friends to land from the cloud 9 and be in limits!! :P ) Kidding!!! :)

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