October 18, 2011

A confession, A compliment and A kismat connection!

No!! I am not going to review the fulltoo boring and slow movie!! :) Be happy for that!

I am just going to speak out my dil about 'Kismat connection' I have in my life..

I am very much into friendships which are generated naturally , we don't keep in touch every week or day and still when we talk , we feel as if we have known each other for the whole of our lives!

Yesterday I pinged a senior (Didi) of mine! We met first in the reunion programme of our school! 'The world is small' feeling came when I got to know that she is my college friend's sister! We were participating in the programme of the huge and royal get together of my age old school!

I still remember as a kid just passed out of the school I was highly influenced by her personality! The charm and the smile! Just like any teenager's craze while practise-sessions only I added her on my Orkut/Facebook.Moreover I loved the way she was singing in the programme! That was my favourite song too!

For I suppose 3-4 months I showed all my close ones...Her marriage photos her college photos! It was my basic practise to see her photos and dream that I would like to look the same in my marriage!I would be the same smart personality as she is having! I must say she is so smart and graceful that I just used to close my eyes and try to copy her !! :P

Time changed. I was off the facebook/orkut fundae! First  job and became busy!

Time again changed! I came back on facebook! Exactly after 1.5 years! I opened the account and suddenly saw her in my friend's profile! Added and some one line talks! I was again in the same era! I checked up all her photos! (Didi I am accepting the fact today that yess!! You still inspire me with the grace you carry yourself!). Whenever I called up her brother (My friend) I asked about her! What is she doing etc! :)

Last night when I was online! I saw her online too!! Bassss.... I pinged her! The same grace and the same elderly inspiration she can give it to me! .. We chatted for a long time I suppose! I felt I know her since ages and I bet she was also feeling the same! I told her all how I am/was influenced by her!! :) Obviously I was so so so so happy telling her all day-dreams of mine!! May be I was out of the 'Bachpana era'!

I truly felt the 'Kismat Connection' between us! I hope if she is reading this I owe the smile and the grace (Up to whatever level I am carrying!) to you DIDI :)

Do you have such Kismat connections?? Go and Compliment them!! Confess! I bet it will make you happy like anything! The life is to enjoy and I bet you will enjoy those moments!


  1. Oh dear...It's more than precious for me!! Tame kai vadhare j aanko 6o mane baka...U made me feel really special sweetie...!! Anyways, 'Thanks' is an understatement for your such whole heartily honoring words girlie!! In fact, I love your happy go lucky approach..U r so much full of life dear !!

    U r right, I also feel, v share a lot in common & seems like know each other since loooooong exactly as some 'Kismat Connection'!! :) Many times in some particular things I feel like my replica in you..Just like my younger sister...Ditto!! And u know what, I always wished 4 a sister, but unfortunately I had d one premature one who got delivered 2 my Mom after 7 months with no heartbeats in her..:( But hey, no worries, perhaps God gave me her back in your form my cutie pie!! :)

    In d midst of any difficulty, do let me know if I can be of any help 2 u... :) Will b more than happy 2 do everything 4 u my sweetheart! Keep smiling & Making others smile as well as true Dwi. And m sure, you will always get whatever u dream about...Good luck & God bless !

    Lots of Love 4ever,
    Your Didi.

  2. Ek CNITE dusare CNITE ko kabhi thanks nahi kehte Didi :P I told u i OWE somethings to u!! :) take care!