April 29, 2012

A (cheese) cake walk!

As you guys know what a cheese-cake freak I am!So when I got some real inspiration I decided to make one at home!

Now I am not a cookie vookie person. If you don't understand let me elaborate- I don't have the real passion for cooking as such-but once in a while I get a culinary-skill-development-attack!When it comes to cheese-cake and if I don't get company to hog all cheesecakes in the town-I really can think of making one!!

When I came to know about no mess-no bake cheesecake-I decided to take the plunge!

Ah, like all cooks do (actually all pro-cooks do but I guess when I cook, I apply my engineering-mind) I came up with my own version! I guess for the first time it really came up well.

So, on Sunday- in the morning I got the brahma-gyan that this is the D-day to make my dream come true!
I just had some raw material (what do you expect from a Vendor Management personal of an OEM!) and had to buy some. The great thing of all-I decided to make my own version by not using any non-veg food item-so that my some friends and specially mom (who doesn't eat eggs!) can try it out at home.

The biggest problem I had to face was-I couldn't get cream cheese-the basic of cheesecake! After some searching about brands and stores having them online-I finale got it from Reliance Fresh! (And I am not advertising the chain-thank you!)

Now,if you had been in a bachelors house, you can imagine about resources in the kitchen- we don't have a mixer. So to make the crust I had to use my own hands for half and hour and grind all the digestive biscuits!

I think after putting the box into the freezer I actually waited for 3 hours (Patience!) and I dint tell Anyone about my this adventure as it had a big risk of becoming a misadventure! :D

So,when I opened the box,Lo I was delighted to see the well jammed-cake! Bingo-I tasted-quite tasty! and I just dialed my Papa who is also a cheese-cake freak! I smsed some of my friends with whom I share all adventures of my life!! :D Ah, I dint share the news with a best buddy of mine who was going to meet me just after an hour I got the flying result! I decided to do practical experiment on him and try to give him a shock or a surprise!

As the cheese-cake was looking very very plain and boring I wanted to do garnishing for which I had no time as I was asked to leave my place sharp at 5pm by someone!Who actually became a bakara to eat my cheesecake-which in next 2 hours looked like pudding without the freezer! Damn!

I later on tried to decorated the cake just to see, what else I can do in the next round! The below picture is taken from the angle where my pudding-like-again-frozen cake looks bigger and not-so-messy too!

So, my cheese cake walk which was not-so-cake walk, gave me a delicious cheese-cake to indulge into.All cheesecake freaks-Lets make a plan to meet and The rest will be taken care of by me!
Waiting for my best buddies to come so that I can just make a more better version of cheese cake and make them proud of not-so-cookie me!! :)

PS:I have some skashis who tasted the cake! Don't ask for the photo-The cake looked very boring from every angle :) The post may sound silly-but just to motivate myself- I had to write one!


  1. Bubblegum,

    Love to have a piece, if you can spare. Good work always leads to good results, isn't it?

    Take care

  2. Wow! a cheese cake at home... need to try... and seriously you got the cream cheese at reliance fresh??

  3. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    Wow!!!!mujhe bhi chahiye!!!It looks tasty....but looks can be bubblegum