November 1, 2011

Lucky Me..

So here I decided to write something before publishing my Kerala Chronicles-II!

I have decided to make a list of things/persons I have which makes me lucky! I remember a friend of mine who used to do some blunder , saved or even not saved then telling  us 'See How lucky I am!' Cool na?

  • My Laptop (Though it fails to install i-Tunes!) , It keeps me in touch with all my folks.
  • My room mates! I am blessed totally! One is getting married! :/
  • My buddies to be precise office buddies! (Yeah even buddies who are no more in my office also included!) All of them are elder to me , ready to take me out of any problems made by me! We are in touch as always :)
  • My Camera!! Love you dude! (Camera is not a code name for any one! It means the camera!)
  • Oat meal and corn-flakes! Life without them is nothing but a hungry me! :/
  • My office, My company-Who gave me bestest of buddies, freedom to have coffee as many times I want , Chains of mails among us-buddies,Number of birthday/farewell celebrations and what not!
  • Dairymilk silks and other (read any) chocolates which can alter my mood!! (Hint?)
  • Facebooks-It makes me chatter all the time!!
  • Office communicator!!!- I am speechless!!
  • My travelling job-Makes me discover new places!! I love it!
  • My office canteen: which gives me confidence that I can cook better at times and Home food is the best! :/
  • The road to my place from office-Makes me walk and keep up the observing nature of mine on top!
  • Some of my best friends who sacrificed themselves and taught me what I want in my life,When will I be happy,What is something called 'Self respect' and above all I made them learn how to keep mum!

Last but not least! The  Blog!! It creates the real 'Me' when I am lost! :)


  1. Great.. Hats off to your enthusiasm for life..
    keep it up dost..!!

  2. Enjoyed reading it, especially the last line !!

  3. @Priyal: Senior jee thank you! :P
    @Best friend 4ever-didi : Hehe I knew it you will love the last line ;) thanks!!