September 29, 2011

Schooly Scoop

I got a ping from a school friend of my yesterday and My 'Firtile mind' again started doing time travel-ahem reverse!... :P

  • I remember my Prarthana Mandir -each and every detail. We used to pray together (Almost all classes) in our beloved Prarthana mandir daily. We never prayed standing in the class! Music teacher and the group used to initiate and we all certainly prayed loudly! The place from where my hobby of singing became a passion of life time!
  • I remember 3 technical classes of 8th to 10th and glasses we had damaged , black boards on which we had applied oil!!
  • I remember one of the most hit scene of 12th class when the fan fell on my bench just some minutes after we were to sit on!!! My god!! And reactions 'hehehehhuehehehe'!! :/
  • Our school campus is very biiiiiiiiig and we had some farms,buildings to ambaavadi (Mango-farms)to Derasar to roam around!! I loved them all so I was in the same school for 14 years! :)
  • I love the way every CNite prays the school every time we pass by one of the gates even today! Yes we do it!! We worshiped and still worship our school -Its a culture. Moreover the first reaction or the action on seeing a teacher even now will be do 'Namaste' by proper Pairi pauna!! Yes!!Its our culture too!!!
  • My Gujarati is pure and all all and all credits go to My school!!
  • I started indulging in Engineering subjects, arts, music and Computers!! Credits again to my school!
  • I have some friends who were in same class for 14 years of our schooling tenure and We don't talk everyday but when we talk within a fraction of second we realize if samanewala is happy or not!!
  • 14 years is a very very very big period of time , we spend at a place and thus the attachment with the environment , buildings, benches , blackboards, computers, labs,machines , books, volley ball nets,cricket pitch,Prarthana mandir,Tee-squares and drawing boards(Yeah we studied technical subjects in the school),The chotara( bench like structures outside the buildings),Pure white khadi uniform,going to prarthana mandir bare foots, all songs and prayers,dramas ........Touchy ! No wonder the school built in 1930s somewhere having the largest alumni all over the world!!!Blessed!!
  • I know I am jelous of all my school mates and seniors/juniors will be enjoying Navaratri together somewhere in Navaratri!! I promise to be back someday!! 'chal be topppi..Senti nai tha'!!Oh I heard one of my friends would react hiding his/her tears!!:p

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