April 4, 2012

The stage-I bow to thee!

I love the stage! Any stage! From the very early age, I have an affection towards the stage.

I exactly don't remember from where it all started, may be KG days. I have participated in all group dances to Garba, folk dances and that's the exact reason for Bubblegum- being a stage loving girl. Performing in the group and still stealing glances from audience,winning appreciation is all about my love for the stage. How you achieve the overall performance by your own performance is all about my love for the stage.

I remember my school- the biggest stage and opportunity provider for me. Be it Balvihar (KG) small stage, Bal Vidhyalaya (1st std to 4th std), Middle school and high school big stage or the biggest stage ever-almost a stadium watching you. My school has given me all.

I have participated in folk dances,Bharatnatyam shows or Garbas for I-cant-count times! The very tiny details were taken care of ,right from the costumes we were to put on, Bindis to hair-does to probes we used apart from music, singers and the stage. The unique thing about my school was, most of the times, we performed 'on the band'. That means we had 100% 'our performance', a mistake from any group, dance or music or instrument can spoil the performance. We did mistakes, we learnt and I guess that's where perfection comes from.I remember some funny incidents like, entering the stage from the wrong side, change of pair-partners and also-throwing probes-dandiya by mistake!Dances were not the only performances though. I also had opportunities to participate or perform in various areas- singing,elocution competitions, book-reviews,fancy dress in early childhood to 'ek patra abhinay'!

 I had performed as 'Kalpana Chavala' and I don't know exactly what I did, but I had won the second prize :D I had to stab  frenemy J, in the drama, I was Brutus and he was Julies Sizer :D I had a chance to talk something about 'Letters of APJ Kalam' means 'Abdul Kalam na patro' in Gujarati and My friend who was to announce the same had ended up announcing 'Bubblegum on Abdul Kalam na putro' means 'Sons of Abdul Kalam'! Due respect to the great personality, we had a good time laughing on his announcement!

I remember those numerous songs we sang on that stage, Those numerous dances we performed, those amazing dramas we acted.I thank my school for providing me the stage,making me what I am.Conquering my fears and making me confident enough-so that I can rock today! I bow to thee-my stage- my teacher-The Snehrashmi Prarthana Mandir.

PS:The photo was clicked, years ago, while practicing on what we call a raw-stage. This is the middle school stage-High school stage for some batches.

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