April 23, 2012

25th year is super fun!! :)

I am a kind of a person who loves to cut the cake at 12 on my birthday, and loves get many many gifts and feel happy! Not to forget phone calls,mails and texts!!Only one problem is there- I hate it when any one asks me what do you want for my birthday-Oh boy,grow up, you people are close to me, Cant you give me a surprise? Sheesh.

The pre-Birthday week was full of such silly question by buddies,they poked me a lot and frustrated a hell out of me. Period. I was wrong. The actual story and planning was running in the back ground!! *Smiles!*

Everyone is asking how my birthday was-and The enthu-atma of Bubblegum wants to tell everyone how my birthday-away from my home was rocking,lovely,heart-warming and yes, sleeeeepy!! :D So,on public demand!! ....

A soon to finish 24- Bubblegum, at around 11pm, previous night, behaved maturely when she accepted that, no one is going to be with her at 12,not even her roomie, personally. She was okay. She thought the next day-she will plan something and have fun.

At 12pm, the newer Bubblegum was given a plenty of surprises by all of her close buddies- even from kilometers away, ah yes. The over-whelmed Bubblegum is bursting with enthu to tell you all how she was surprised by some of her closest pals ever, Here she goes.

The cake at 12, Bubblegum with a Harry Potter fame witch hat!!-Okay you all, I am taking this very positively and Finally, I have got the cutest hat ever I can have!! :) A witch hat-The perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan! For the cake, I should thank Shana and VA!! :) VA, thanks again,Thanks for being the smart supporter!

GLG-2, you rock!!! I love the cute earings and bracelet with the cutest ever, ever Anklet!! Gosh, the pair of anklets are so so cute that, I guess I went bonkers for a few moments after seeing them! I actually stared at the lovely pair of anklets for zillion times and made sure they are mine forever!!(Turning dramatic?!)

                                      The card from my terrific trio-buddies!!! :) Exactly my type of a card!! :) Handwritten messages and punch lines were best GLG-3! :)
I love such cards, given by best buddies and that too hand written. I think my album of such cards is going to feel proud to have such this one.

I can seriously name each and every characters on this card, but I guess if I want to live more I shouldn't at least blog about it :D

Now, here comes one of the best parts of the 'Gift Session'!! The DSLR lens!!!! :) I just cant imagine my bro-buddy has such a creative mind :D Hahaha, Thank you all. Ah, you can see the cute mobile cover,thanks GLG -2again!! :)

Now, the gift I feel , made me emotional. * Sobbing and gulp*, I was never given such a girlish gift in my life. I just want to smell and feel it for the rest of my life. The best-feel gift award goes to 'The Body Shop' Gift pack!!! :) The pack includes Shower Gel,Body polish,Lip balm,Musk and what not-of my favourite Strawberry flavor! (Ah, the post is turning girlish and pink!!)

Now, the last but not least and the best (All gifts are favorite yaar, I can differentiate!, but this one is super special!) gift!!-I never thought people like-my these 2 buddies can be so so so creative and hard working, just for me!! *Eyes flattered*!In the below photo mjust beneath the witch hat you can find it!The scarp book- containing all my photos right from childhood photos to nice photos, crappy photos to disgusting photos!! :D The best part was-Messages of all ,all my buddies & the best-From my parents too!

I cant imagine The buddy (Who is the idea-Generator,laptop photos-chor,the physical copy creator!) called up and mailed my parents, my brothers and school friends to take their messages and ah,photos too!! :) Ah, Bro-buddy, you helped him all the way from Delhi!! *Tears!!*, Frankly, The Scrap (book) buddy, you rock!!! :) ;) :P

I think, a few gifts are still on the way-well it seems I am celebrating my birthday-week if not the month!! :)

The post-gift-night-era was bubbling with hundreds of phone-calls, mails and text messages. It went up to 3! At, 6am I started receiving calls from my senior bhaiyas from Australia and Europe.They harassed me-even when they knew I needed sleep so badly! The session was followed by friends and relatives in India for the rest of the day! I am thankful to some very senior bosses of mine for wishing me by calls and texts on Sunday :)

I tried to manage the day with a visit to Siddhi Vinayak and A fabulous dinner. Ah, I forgot about my 'sleep mode' all day long. I was sleeping standing in the temple-queue for the darshan,having dinner,coming back by train, in the auto,while talking to all my friends on calls.Sorry VA, I really don't remember what I chatted with you while I was in train!!Sorry girl, if at all you get to read this!Just a doubt Shane?-Did you sprinkle tranquilizers on gifts?? Specially 'The Body Shop' gift kit??!

Ah, I bow to you people, who managed to surprise the 'Surprise-plan-queen-ever-one-can-see'!!

With a small birthday wish to be with you all, in my upcoming all years, I declare,

"The 25th year of my life is super fun!!"

PS: I am sure, Shana and my bro-buddy will react with wide eyes and calling me 'Credit chor' and 'narcissist'!! The post is slightly scattered but please understand my feelings!! :) 


  1. and somebody wanted to skip the day.....


    1. :)All I can do is give a biiig smile :D :D

  2. Bubblegum,

    Read 2 posts now. HOME is where heart is. I know we do get attached to a place where we stay for a long time but some times it becomes necessary to move due to various reasons and one needs to make HOME where one goes. Fond memories are to be remembered always. It was really so good that you had a joyful birthday. May you be happy like this always.

    Take care

  3. Happi bthdae...ur post made me to smile...:)


  4. Now I see why gave yourself the name 'Bubblegum'

    Bubbly girl chewing a bubblegum writes so well that her words exude charm :)

    Will be hovering around here to bug you now and then

    Just dont wish 'Evanesco' for me :D :D :D

    1. Hahahahha :) Welcome to the Bubbling world :) :) My pleasure!!!