April 13, 2012

Snap shot!

I know I know I have not come up with some clicks of mine since many days. Frankly, I am working on something. Hopefully it will come out properly some day. Digress in the beginning itself :D

So, I decided to take a snap shot of Today! To show whats going on in my life, may be more like Harry Potter fame 3D photos!! :D (Sometimes I wonder  if they  used animated-GIF kind of formats!)

Lets start!! Here I go!

  • I was not feeling like blogging since so many days, somehow I blogged (not up to the mark though) just to keep my blog alive. It is painful to see people leaving blogosphere or just killing their own blogs.I dint want to do the same thing. Some how I blogged but it was very much hurting. It hurts when you feel you have so much inside you, just that the real 'you' is not getting penned down, you are loosing the skill of expressions! I guess it is just a phase and I will come out soon.I just remember this!
  • I am really happy with myself-the way I have started start drinking coconut water. The 'dhoop' of Mumbai kills me (& 'Dhoop' of Ahmedabad kills me double!) and so I have found out a way to keep my self chilled out :) Even Nariyal Pani wale bhaiya starts cutting one coconut for me, when he finds me walking to his stall from a few meters away, I keep money in my hand, I reach, exchange according to the deal,no time waste in waiting and thus we achieve 'Process Optimization'! :D (Ah, Mechanical engineers don't kill me!) 
  • I feel, I was sleeping since a week,almost null. It happens. One poke and you get back to life. That is what happens, I guess one or the other buddy of mine pokes in such situations, I wake up in a tough way.It happened yesterday.Some day I will blog about it.
  • After writing this, I noticed some of my buddies couldn't understand the post, some of them called and asked me if I was fine, Some said-we dint react and some said I am crazy! Well, the post served the purpose. I vouch for my i-pod-which is not working!! *Sobbing with tears in eye!
  • Do your abs pain when you sleep?? Yes it happens, when you exercise  beyond you capacity or try to increase your stamina! Ah, to not to feel the pain-I exercised more :D
  • I have become a bit more sensitive towards things, or I have become more emotional since a few days. The real problem is,I am not able to show that directly and so I feel suffocated and irritated.As I told you above, I am feeling fine now after getting poked by a buddy. I am feeling relaxed for a while after getting paranoid about the 'Poke act'!
  • I am damn nervous about the upcoming event in my life! Chill guys and girls, I am not getting engaged or something. Just want to say, I don't want to plan, I just want a cheesecake! :D
  • I got a gift from my Senior VP,I got my hard (heart!) disc back which was lost I should say,sometime back. I guess, I was so much overwhelmed when he helped me to get it back, I would have cried, I just said 'Thanks a lot' and rushed out of the cabin! It contains my life-just like my blog, it shows me.My childhood pics, my music, my movies, my e-books, my projects! My heart! 
  • I am planning to go home! Yes, I want to go home! Its my childhood buddy's marriage and the whole lot is giving me galis for not coming. I need a bigger deal of my Ahmedabad trip! Here I come Frock buddy N :) Ah, don't ask me when! :D
  • I just realized I have blogged a loooong post and before people just stop reading, I should stop writing more! :D As of now I am feeling good, may be the Blogvita is working! :)

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