April 1, 2012

Khare pani re..

I am that kind of a person who sleeps less, you call it insomnia or just a disturbed sleep problem.
When I am at home, I never face this problem, as soon as I get my bed, I sleep so tight. I would say like a dog :D

The beautiful feeling of calm and soothing homely atmosphere, having your own people around makes me feel secured. I sleep without many dreams or nightmares. Yeah I do have a tendency to see dreams related to the thinking going on in my subconscious mind. When I am home I just have either beautiful dreams or no dreams sleep. Its home after all.

So, when I was listening to the beautiful song from 'Machis', I almost had the 'sleepy' feeling I enjoy at home and still I was disturbed.

Paani paani re, khare pani re,
Naino mein bharja, Nindey khali kar ja...

Paani paani in pahadon ki dhalaone se
utar jana
dhunaa dhunaa kuch vadiya bhi ayegi
guzar jana
ek gaon ayega, mera ghar ayega
ja mere ghar ja
nindey khali kar ja...

Very much loosely translated:

The water, (salty water, tears over here)
Please fill my eyes with your presence,
Please remove all that sleepiness from my eyes,

Please climb down from the slops of mountains,
There will be foggy valleys ahead,
pass them all,
One village(town) will come,my home will come,
Go to my home,
Please pour all the sleepiness there (from my eyes)

Its perfect for me.It is beautiful. I think,  I better don't see a lake or the stream right now! I may feel terribly homesick!!

Gulzar's most expressive song (Each song makes me feel so!) so far. Yes, it is the same feeling when I am homesick and when I vouch for my home. The songs is a message to the tears of those eyes living far away from home. The message is evoked when the poet is enjoying(?) the beauty of a stream. It is about telling those tears to go to the far away home and sleep there, remove that 'homesickness' and 'sleepiness' out there.

For me, all those mountains are may be Sahayadri peaks, those valleys and vadiayas are Nashik terrain and yes.. After that the Gujarat part comes and My Ahmedabad will come. My home will come. I sleep there so peacefully. I have my family there.

Its my home there.


  1. Happen 2 visit ur blog frm blogadda..
    Must say some really ineresting posts u have written..bau fine..
    And yes stayin away frm home is tuff but teaches a lot of things..isn't it...