April 2, 2012

Viva times!

Its April, it stuck suddenly while browsing Face book, that its the time of University Viva exams in Engineering colleges! 4 Years of bindassness was given a challenge, once in a while in the form of Viva.

My experience with my viva (and others too!) has been very weired and exciting. I was surrounded by some khatarnak padhakus of the batch.They helped me way out, most of the time as I was 'Robocon-Pidit' the only girl of the batch :D

Now don't run your imagination, the help was mostly out of class-viva session, with journal papers floating around us, stationary items being decorated randomly on the desks and rumours of questions all around.I remember one of my friend PC/B (Don't ask me why such weired name! :D) mugging all the way, helping me to consolidate all learnings with Friend AD and others, helping me completing my journal at the last moment. Ah, I was the 'Robocon' girl after all.

Most of the time I will be called with the PC/B friend inside the viva-venue due to the order of roll numbers. I remember I had that 'special skill' of converting any subject in the 'Robcon-know hows' and the viva will get over with a very fishy smile on the face of friend PC/B! Dude, I wouldn't have passed otherwise :D

The unity of my batch was just awesome in bunking all lectures and practicals, I have only one complaint, in lectures no one could give my proxy! I was the only girl :P

I still remember the Last viva of my engineering term, Mrs.AP was sitting inside the cabin, with the narrow lane kindda of entrance. We were in the line discussing 'What will happen inside' with journal files in our hands. I remember due to the 'revengeful' feelings prevailing in our minds, some guys (I swear it was not my idea!!) peeled off the 'name' from her 'Name plate' in an odd way :D :D We had a laughter attack afterwards. :D The prank was followed by filling the hollow (obviously!) out let pipe of the vehicle of the same teacher with papers by some guys!!Ah, we took so much sadistic pleasure!

My viva sessions were always fun, when some different kind of species used to ask some amazing questions and we had to control our laughter or the temperament :D The post-sessions were more exciting, I remember on one such 'Reading Vacation days' when libraries will be crowded,my bag was places in the 'Guys toilet' by a buddy of mine. Ah, I had just given him a challenge , 'I can do anything'! Ah, finally I had to show my 'Naari shakti' aka 'Daya bhavna wali eyes' to another buddy and he went inside and took out my bag!! I must say between the 2 activities a lot many wild imaginations had taken shape in our minds :D

Viva sessions, are somethings which I miss now, the pressure and still 'the pranks' we played were just awesome. We were mechies after all. 

Viva couldn't capture our minds like that!! :D 

PS: A very personal memory shot, might not interest all :D


  1. sense of deja'vu.

    I think this would be the feeling and experience of every engineering student.except the toilet incident.

    1. Please mention your name so I can reply in 'My way' :D

  2. Viva sessions.... the best time one could have in engineering colleges. They were so exciting. The tension, the build up, everything was amazing. 'Abhi chapter- 4 se question pooch raha hai' :D :D. Good old days :)