April 25, 2012

Time travel in the passion world!

So the other day I was chatting with one of my friends studying in Germany. He is studying my favorite subject, "Mechatronics" which actually includes my passion-'Robotics'. I was so much into it in college days that people say I have almost missed the fun of being into an engineering college and roaming around with friends. I deny. It was the time when my personality was getting shaped up by 'Robotics' and other related activities. I had my share of fun in them.Also,I was spoiled to the core by seniors!

Digress.He was getting frustrated with the 'Electronics' and 'Programming' parts of 'Mechatronics'! There it all started. He explained his situation and I just dived deep into the past.

Those mechanical structure we used to try hard to balance, welding,riveting, grinding and what not-Somethings I was always into.I recollected more on my struggles to learn electronics and programming and my seniors struggles to make me learn them!!(What do you expect from mechanical engineers haa??)

My fights with those tiny electronic components, reading on the Internet and harassing my tiny mechanical brain-I love those memories the most now. From that's where my re-search ability started building and then I became one of the 2 FBI (Face Book Intelligence) officers in my buddy-group!! Thank you!!Those capacitors, diodes, locking torque power window motors, development boards and the biggest dushman to conquer- Atmega 32 and other micro controllers. There were so many days I got glued to the data sheet and gain nothing.I was bemused with my own learning capabilities, and alas learnt a little bit of the application. (Okay, I admit I have lost whatever I had acquired!!) Self-teaching was something I learnt if nothing else.

Then came the programming part-AVR studio. How can I forget this software, which was installed by my senior-bhaiya forcefully in my pc/laptop and I was asked to learn how to simulate our developments first.Defining those ports,giving '0' and '1' values,making different gates! I remember in one of such sessions after simulating, we made a blunder and blasted our 1GB pen drive! I remember installing drivers into the laptop after formatting it for million times-was the skill I developed during this time-as I almost ended up with installing infected electronics-simulation softwares. Ah, we never used anti-virus as even if the laptop worked slow a bit, the heat in our mind used to become a fire of frustration!

Goose bumps, I finished my return journey of time travel!!

I guess, the universe hints us when we forget something about the biggest passion residing in us and how we should get into it more.

and, how 'Proud' you were to get the exposure in the very early days of your career.


  1. Impressive! Don't let the penchant inside you for the robots to die. :)

    1. Name dia aur shaitan hazir! :D :D Yeah, I still remember the offer or 'Robotics-live-in' offer :D

  2. Germany, Robotics, Mechatronics ... sounds like the university of RoboCup ! Also reminds me of a colleague of mine who builds small robots as a hobby with cheap electronics parts and a software which takes care of the programming.

    1. Hahaha!! If not Robocup then Robocon :) Its my world...!!