April 9, 2012

Tea and Me!

I never ever had tea in my childhood. I exactly don't remember, if I was not allowed or I tasted it once and dint like. Yes, I used to be the tea-maker for my family whenever needed, but I never tasted it. I managed to be a pro in my special family tea-no sugar,boiled tea. When guest used to come I had to make my brother taste the tea and guide me. Somehow I used hate to taste it, forget drinking. The only thing I loved about tea was the smell-specially Darjiling tea and the kadak-masala. I remember making tea for consecutive two days for my Senior bhaiyas and they praised me like anything, though they added, the tea of both days tasted different :D I still cant understand if they were praising or.... :D

Years passed by, I left my home to start my career in an OEM. The year 2009 seems to be a turning point in my life-my personality. I learnt things hard way through, I am still learning but somewhere I am managing it smoothly. Digress. So, while I was in my Induction and Pune, I never ever touched tea-I was the coffee-girl.In fact the guy working in the nearby  CCD knew which coffee I am going to order!

Again in 6 months I was transferred , first to Nashik and then Mumbai permanently.My coffee loving nature was content with the office-CCD and again the nearby CCD outlet. Meanwhile I started developing taste for tea also. The kitli wali mumbaiya chai- thanks to some of my buddies. Somewhere I was loosing my ability to make tea also at home. :D It was she, who actually fed me the actual tempting tea! Just awesome and kadak. The only con of tea made by her was-it used to keep me awake all night!!I chose Saturdays for her tea! One day she got married and my affair with typical-kadak tea ended.

On 1st Jan, 2012 as per this, I left coffee. That's where my madness for tea started, which lasted for a few days. My sugarless-family soul couldn't take sugar-premi-office tea. As of now, I every day take the office tea, smell, try to figure out how much sugar will be in it (Don't ask me how!!),drink it like a davai! (Again dont ask if it is a compulsion)

I guess my roller coaster relation with tea is coming to an end-whenever it happens, May the relation rest in peace!

PS:This whole rant is inspired by today's super sweet-chasani type tea from my office-canteen. Sheesh!

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