April 26, 2012


I had some self-talks a few days before. Bubblegum calling Bubblegum kindda.

Generally such talks are arranged when I am disturbed with my own behavior, because of my surroundings, because of some truths I accidentally found out about myself. Such talks are long in duration, takes time up to weeks and months to establish a set of conclusions.

It is always difficult for me to see the change in myself,sudden ones.I was observing some behavioral changes and some picky selections as well. Finally after a long long and really long talk with myself and some of my close buddies I could come to some conclusions.I am trying to chabofy them and digest!

  • It is alright to become selective about persons you talk to. If you don't want talk to a person or two and just end up the greeting by 'Hi and Bye', its fine. Comfort is something you should opt for.
  • It is fine if you expect the fact that-you gel well with guys, and that too faster. You don't need to feel ashamed for that. It is also alright if you don't want to make all girls, your girl-best-friends.To become friends one needs two similar frequencies to match and you don't have to work on it like a relationship.Friendships blossom naturally.
  • It is alright if you play 'silent' sometimes. Everyone needs a space from the outer world. Outer world which consist of family members and best buddies. For me,my room is the place for me to be 'silent'.Me and my music, my books and Internet. I need this 'Silent' time daily.It keeps me insane.
  • It is alright if you don't love all characteristic of your pals. They have their own personalities.You just stay apart and that's it. If you have some dislikes, digest them. You are a normal human being-not mother Teressa. 
  • If you don't like gossiping, don't do it. If someone does, it is none of your business and just stay away.
  • If some people disapprove your 'Take'on life, its their choice.You know your 'Take', just live it.
  • If the past haunts you, if the future scares you, indulge in the present.
  • It is perfectly fine, if you cant tell some persons whats their way out of your life. You are scared to spoil the relation. Better call it off or drag it for the whole of your life,but close the loop.
  • Your ambitions define you and your smartness. Don't let them defuse in the smoke of perceptions of people.
  • It is fine to ignore people who are coming your way now, not when you needed them and felt alone. 
  • It is fine if you want to forget the 'fight' with a friend, with whom you feel the same when you now talk. Friendships can handle fights!
The last but not least,

  • It is totally fine if you dream about cheesecakes every day!! :D


  1. Bubblegum,

    Read 2 posts now. Previous one was GREEK to me. LOL, that is being semi-computer literate. You should always follow your own conscience. Introspection is surely needed from time to time to evaluate your own self but one should never get swayed by what others think. What you have concluded is absolutely fine. Go as per own conscience.

    Take care

    Take care

    1. Hahaha for the previous post! and yeah it is the time I should follow my conscience! :) :)

  2. Oye.. Kem chaale chhe?? :) Haven't been reading blogs much lately. Apologies. Will read and comment on your previous posts over the weekend. Baaki badha majaa ma??

    1. Yeah I am doing super fine as usual :) No sorry vorry for blog friends :D

  3. You nailed it Bubblegum. I loved the Mother Teresa bit and I too dream about cheese cakes, quite often actually :)

  4. always self-taking BG...liked this post..

    I loved the 'silent' thing...without that we would go mad..true...

    i a.l.w.a.y.s dream of grilled bread-butter sandwich.. :D :D :D

    arrey re...aa shu!! tame gujarati cho?? *glee all around my face*


    1. Sandwich!! Wooo different haa!!

      You too a Gujarati?! :D *Surprised!!!*

  5. AnonymousMay 03, 2012

    wow!!! strong words!!!implementation is the key!!!