April 12, 2012

I am missing you!

Insane Behavior:
You!! Yeah. You have stopped responding. Last time I had a chance to see you smile and work a charm for me when I was at home. I have lost all contacts with you.

You were my life-I have lost my soul. In the morning I need you, In the evening I need you. Obviously in Office I have to work. I vouch for you now. I have lost my ability to write,think. It is all because of you. Why did you leave me?

I almost cry when I see you on social network sites with others. I go bonkers when I read about you-your working style and expert-comments.

You, you come back to me. Yesterday a buddy of mine helped me to set a small link which can make me get you. Today in the morning, I felt, I think I have lost you totally.

Please consider this girl,fully yours and her condition without you and come  back!!!

Sane Behavior:
Yeah I have lost it. I am not able to keep myself sane. My soul- come back!!I have lost all my senses and creativity. I have become picky, pricey and moody. I prefer going back to my Insane behavior.Bubblegum cant take it more!!

PS:You can see the photo by clicking the hyperlink.

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