April 3, 2012

Summer things!

So the summer is already shining and I have already asked a number of people, the exact English word of 'Dhoop', I am still not satisfied with any of the answers given. Finally I decided to use 'Scorching Sun', suggested by 2 buddies. :D I still feel it doesn't give the same feel as 'Dhoop', may be my Amdavadi atma knows the pain.

Summer used to be different in Ahmedabad. It was my school-college days. Vacation days of course. Most of the people will flee out of town to get rid of the heat. There were days we had to tolerate. I guess, they were fun too.

Kitchens used to be full of Fruits like Water melons, Musk Melons and Mangoes. I cant forget 'Kesar keri' we get in Gujarat, its no where near to what we get in Mumbai. Kesar Keri from-Talala region of Junagadh,Gujarat. Yes, not a single spoon of sugar you need to add in the 'keri no ras' or the 'Aam ras'! Its different than Aafoos/Hafoos of Mumbai. These mangoes are very very costly and one of the reasons we don't get out side Gujarat is 80% of  these mangoes are exported. Digress.

So, kitchens full of fruits and 'Kachi keri sharabat' and how can I forget 'Raasana'! Mom used to make that bottle of Rasana syrup and we used to enjoy with ice in the hot summer afternoons! I remember My brother making 'barf ka gola' for both of us while watching movies and Cartoon Network in the noon.

I remember evenings were cool after 6.30. I along with my frock buddy N used to drink water and get high with our usual 'April fool Pranks' and 'Kachi keri with namak/mithu'! All those games were generated mostly during these days.

During college days, when Ahmedabad used to cross temperature beyond 41, one couldn't identify any girls in the campus on the vehicle, as all will be covered with dupatta resembling 'Jhansi ki raani'! The tradition is still in Ahmedabad. It is a need now, to avoid Sun stroke.We have to cover hands and face with white clothes.

I must not forget Khadi k Kapade! Its a bliss! I remember my father wearing 'Khadi ke shirts' till now, and believe me, Men in Khadi shirt look smart!! :) Really!!!

Nights used to be all ice-creamy!! Yummy!! One can not survive without Ice creams in Ahmedabad. I remember 'Home made Icecreams' by my super duper cool Papa!! :) Ah, I should not forget in early childhood, when I used to refuse to drink milk, my mom used to freeze the 'Bournvita' and give it to me in the name of 'Ice creams!' :D

Now, In Mumbai, I don't miss that heat of course, but I miss the fun. Of course thanks to my buddies I enjoy 'Kulfi' time like I never had!! :)I enjoy my daily does of sweet coconut water. I want to enjoy beaches!! I want to do a lot many 'Summer things'!

I still have to find my 'Mumbai Summer things' out side air conditioned office in the evening yet!

Are you doing your 'Summer Things'?!

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