April 8, 2012

Just like that conversations!

I divide conversations into two categories.A dull/null and depressive conversation and the other one is live/meaningful conversation. I have got the third one now!! 'The meaningless yet kicking conversation'! I can not define them properly but they just let you go 'Speechless'! Either due to the punch in it, or the silly stupid stuff in it. :)I call them 'Just like that conversations'! I have had some! If you are reading this to have some fun, I bet, you might throw bricks and eggs at me, I dont guarantee any fun, but it is fun for me! :) Funny me :D

A few days before when I was tired of the 'Dhoop' and As I am not 'Jaadu' of Hrithik ,I get headaches most of the time these days. I smsed a buddy of mine to throw out my frustration.
Bubblegum:Now I know, I get these headaches due to dhoop, I hate it.
Buddy: Oh, then all you plans for Goa,beaches,Mauritius,Maldives cancel???!!?
Bubblegum: Ahh,Well, I can spend on hats,sunscreens,eye-gears and medicines I guess :/

My mind started planning for my dream trips!
I guess the buddy knows how to divert my mind from frustration :D


I was discussing my confusions on which smart phone to buy with a buddy of mine. I am more and too much into music so I have a soft corner for all Sony mobiles :D ,Suddenly this conversation happened and I guess finished! :D

Bubblegum: Which song I would like to sing right now???
Buddy: ...Ahh... I don't know, which??
Bubblegum: 'SONY' de nakhare sone lagade menu... :D
Buddy: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :/


So while doing work in the office, we have to listen to the instrumental songs on the central sound system. Even though I am a music-freak, I have started developing irritation due to the repeating pattern of songs. Me and My Team-mate/Mentor/Friend/Guide who shares my cubicle, Lets call him CPZ(Cubicle partner Z), always discuss,'How to improve the situation' on this music-front. So today,

CPZ: They play instrumental-so meaningful na- the song going on 'Kuch na kaho...' !!!
Bubblegum: :/ :/

I was getting irritated with some work in the office. As usual the work load and other things summed up. 
I just looked back at the desk of CPZ, He was working on his laptop.

Bubblegum: What is the problem. X is not happening, excel sheet toh dekho! The person XYZ is a cunning fellow,I hate that company. Hell, what nonsense instrumental they are playing.
CPZ: I have got your problem. I have a one time solution to your problems.
Bubblegum: Wow, tell me fast.
CPZ:Get a boyfriend or a husband. You will be fine :D
Bubblegum: :/ :/ :/ :/

A few days before, our music system stopped working, We were happy. CPZ and me. Suddenly after some days while I was working I felt the song! (Songs are there to feel okay!?) The song was,Pal pal pal harpal. I kind of love the song, and yes I could feel it.

Bubblegum: Are CPZ yeh to, again started. Music system sahi ho gaya! :D
CPZ:Nooo... It is not working. Why?
Bubblegum: Arre, the songs in on air, I can hear. What CPZ?
CPZ: No, Bubblegum. Are you fine? No song!!
Bubblegum: No, see lets keep mum, one can hear it!
CPZ called our neighbour cubicle friends.
CNN/CNH (Cubicle neigbour N and H) Confirmed.
Bubblegum: No...How come I am feeling it so clearly!!!??
CPZ:You are in love Bubblegum!! Just imagine!!
CNN/CNH agreed, Some other dramatic statements were made.
Bubblegum: :/ : /

After 10 minutes, a sudden laughter!!! :D Yeah, It was a game!! :/ A stupid game on me!! :D

May be such small conversations and stupid jokes make me keep going!! :) Yeah, I am going cranky!I call them "Just like that conversations!"

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