April 5, 2012


Okay, I am not talking about the insane serial, I used to love that serial at one point of time :D Now, I hate it!

Coming to the actual topic-it is the Khichadi made up in my mind now a days.I am enjoying-celebrating my life. There were moments of shock, weird  feelings,tears,anger but at the same time I had plenty of moments to feel good,enjoy,smile,laugh and I am just lucky!! :) I am enjoying the Khichadi instantly!!!

If I look into the 'Khichadi' of my life, I realize it is the Khichadi of two emotions. Love and Hate. Not in the literal meaning at all. 'Love' is all those lovely feelings you enjoy, and 'Hate' is the feeling you have to enjoy, or say I enjoyed and trying to enjoy!

I have read somewhere, When you let the love grow, 'hate' also grows, they are like two opposite poles. One can not suppress one and let another grow.You have to grow 'love', and 'hate' which is developing along, has to be grown as the part of 'Love'! You have to digest the presence of both!!

Isn't it true?? It relaxes me. Once I digested the fact, it is now easy to let 'bad things' happen.It is easy to make the bigger deal of 'Good things'! Just like him. The 'Hate' feelings should be felt-kept in corner.It should be made the part of the 'Love' which is dwelling in the rest of the part.

If we don't have to experience betrayals, we wont value the trust. If we don't weep, we wont value the smile. If we don't have foes, we wont value friends.If we wont get angry,we wont realize what is calmness. The life is Khichadi-Khichadi of all emotions.

I am learning to enjoy my Khichadi-Are you????

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