April 22, 2012

Har ghar kuch kehta hai!

So, when we shifted from our 24 years old home, to a new lovely big home, I was not happy.

My old home, where I was born and have lived for 22 years of my life.It says a lot. My homes says how I was, how we were, financially ,socially. How me and my brother grew up. How my mom and Ma (Dadima) created those warm attachment. It says all or it said all. Isn't the Asian Paints ad says true, "Har ghar kuch kehta hai"?!? Every home makes you feel something-something about the people living in it.

I just cried that when I will go home, I wont get the old charm, old smell,my childhood and warmth again.
Obviously I was wrong. After more than a year of shifting, when I go home (new one!), I feel the same.

  • I can feel the warmth when I sit in the big varandah cum balcony where my father has planted a series of saplings. Almost a garden. He has finally grown roses in the hot weather of Ahmedabad. I can feel the 'Mom factor' (My mom loves jhulas!) when I swing on the jhula in the same balcony. I can feel the homely vibes.
  • I have finally managed to know which part and compartments/drawers of kitchen contains what! Yuppy! I can help my mom so better now.
  • When I sit on the big couch in the living room like a lazy child of the family and watch the tv. Its luxury and the ditto childhood vacation feeling at the old home!
  • I can still find old black monkey teddy, the royal jhula,the old antic designwala crockery cupboard in the living room and yes, the old bedding on my bed. :)
  • The same way mom makes 'Keri no ras'. the same taste of mom-made food, the same mukhvas-peti on the dining table, the same sitar kept in the cupboard-Somethings I love to indulge into :)
  • The same way me and my mom watch 'Bombay to Goa' the old one, in which Amitabh has put on the shirt of the same print as my grand-mother's saree!! :D We watch in the same mood!!! :)
  • The same way me, my cousin, mom and my masi sit in the drawing room and chit chat for hours together enjoying khakhara. Only the place changed, not the feeling.
  • It feels so bad and good when you hear the old performed garbas and songs saved in Papa's iTouch. Bad as the group is no more in existence due to jobs and marriages of all participants.Good because I realize memories are enough to keep myself live and smile.It was my old home where such dances were being practiced by me sometimes, I can hear the tune and the excitement at my new home too now!! The best nostalgia feeling.
  • I can feel the love with which my mom has developed the environment at home. The drawing room full of my silly glass paintings,carefully selected couch-covers and curtains, flowers, pebbles in the glass table,the small cute teddy-cat,dried flowers and what not. I understand, the feelings and the love I feel for the new home is because it is made with love.
  • I can find the collection of scaled cars in my brother's room (Finally he has a separate room, we used to dream about), the same engineering books on his shelf I used to study, ah and the same loud music only we both enjoy!
  • Not to forget, my mom's gussa when she keeps on scolding us to keep our rooms clean. Obviously her favorite target is my brother and then me! I guess I can get the same age old goosebumps :D
Truly, Har Naya ghar bhi kuch kehta hai!! :)

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