April 15, 2012

24 for turning 24!

Yeah! It's my Birthday today! :)

I am turning 24, how I was shocked and surprised and all other details will be blogged after taking a breathe in a new year,Bubblegum is turning 24, exactly at 10.20pm,today! :)

So, after quite a good time spent in brain storming, I landed up on this way of blogging a birthday post!It can provide me an opportunity to over view my life, my strength and all those memories I have created,positively!

  1. I was born on Friday,Amawas ki kali raat!! Yes its true!
  2. I share my birthday with the most creative person I believe-Leonardo Da  Vinci, I also share the sinking day of the giant boat-Titanic.Sheesh.
  3. I was prematurely  born-7 months-under weight baby who survived to blog by the name Bubblegum today. It took me full 10 years to come into the limit of normal-baby-growth-rate.I am a chubby-fatty girl now. :/
  4. I was a mommy girl all the time. My mom says, I used to cry my lungs out even if she goes to the washroom for a minute! There were only 2-3 people who could handle the baby Bubblegum apart from my parents.I guess it has nothing to do with my over-extrovert character now!
  5. I had million nakharas in having my meals. My parents helped me to develop taste for healthy food, but still I am the same.May be with zillion nakhras I have my meals now! :D
  6. I am my daddy's girl pakka. Be it the ability of living on only curd or the inability of living without music.I have an added virtue of fondness for Bollywood old movies from my Mother and Maternal Grandmother-father both! :)
  7. I have inherited the style of walking from my father. Yes, I walk almost like a man, even after rigorous training of Bharatnatyam for 7 years. You ask me to dance I will be perfect, you ask me to walk I will jump. :D
  8. I used to love each and every kind of toys, right from dolls,toy-utensils,Lego kits to cars. I think the taste for the same developed my interest in the field I am.
  9. Me and My younger brother are so much into music that, almost every night while helping mom, we provided free music-concert-live to my family.I think he has grown way beyond it.
  10. I was the biggest darpok of the city in those childhood days. My mother used to scare me.laugh at my expressions and have sadistic pleasure too :D She built my guts that way,may be!
  11. I have traveled almost every part of India-except Seven Sisters. I thank my parents to show me what my country is like.
  12. I have some birthmarks exactly like my mom. I have some habits exactly like my dad. Still,my father says, I am like my mom and My mother says, I am like dad.I don't understand them!
  13. I feel wired when people stare and comment at my nose. Nose?? Grow up!
  14. The most-proud-moment of my life was the result of my board exams, for me. But my parents, I guess they celebrated my each tiny achievement. 
  15. If my Ma-Grandmother would have been there at the time of my placement, I am not sure how she would have reacted on that, I was to leave the city after all. Papa says, she would have been extra proud of the fact. :)
  16. I have been lucky in terms of buddies-super lucky. May be that's the secret why I survived all alone in the batch of 89 boys.Mechies we are! :)
  17. My biggest passion I realize is dancing. May be some day I will rock the stage again with my grace.
  18. I generally forget but don't forgive. May be that's why, after getting hurt I cut off for a long period of time and never get attached again like before. :/
  19. My biggest gift from my parents I believe are-My name,My childhood photos and the Baby-record book. 
  20. I had a habit of collecting chocolate wrappers and after leaving chocolates, I have thrown them away.They were 237!They were tempting me so bad.Now I am moh maya mukt from chocolates.
  21. I get attached to my things so easily, that I refuse to give any of my toys to any kids around our place, even now. They are still,packed :D
  22. I am so much punctual that I always loose my mind on friends who make me wait. I guess, I need to start a penalty for reaching late-Let me guess- An earing for each mintue? :D
  23. I just used to hate wearing  Khadi- as I had put on the fabric for 8 years of my life in my school.After leaving school, I just love  Khadi. 
  24. I love to grow, Ask me my age I will add one or two years in it.As my bro-buddy stated,Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional! :D
Today, On 15th April, I seize my 25th year with zest. Life, Here I come!! :)


  1. Have heard each and every one...still enjoyed reading again....awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..happy Silver-1


  2. got a real writing skills...

    1. Thanks, but dint recognize you!

  3. came to know many facts which hvnt heard b 4...
    very interesting m nakhrali gal..

  4. Arre tum toh real junior nikli apne se...hehehe!! :P