March 30, 2012


Just run, run for your life? Just run to get yourself exhausted? Just to sweat hard. Run like you never had.Run to dissolve all your emotions and to make your heart lighter?

Dance. Dance means not that Ganapati dance. Any disciplined form of dance? Without any barrier? Without any audience or the teacher.Just throwing all 7 Raasas out of your body.Express everything you can.Dance all your heart. In my case it used to be Bharatnatyam and the therapy still works,if I try,I guess.

Do you feel like playing badminton matches one after another and winning them all? You just don't want to stop. You just want to keep on playing.You just want to get tired.

Is it the same situation when you just want to scream out loud, to burst out any emotions in you. Happiness or frustration?You just want to breathe hard, you just want to throw that feeling of freaking out or the excitement.

If you think I have gone mad, I tell you these acts are healthy way of channelizing emotions.To feel the soul and balance the inner substance in you. Just like you neutralize the acid with base, to not to effect that red/blue litmus paper. So, I call these activities, 'The Acts of Neutralizing' aka TAN.

TAN can put your dil and dimag at the right place. TAN can make you feel light and relaxed after that adrenaline rush.TAN is running,dancing,badminton or any thing you love to do, it can be your passion. TAN is that spark which can actually cool the inner fire instead of igniting that disturbing fire. TAN can soothe you. TAN can revitalize you, TAN will make 'You', visit 'You'.

Do you feel like having your TAN?? I do.

Whats your TAN?


  1. Wow!!!never knew there was so much science behind 'TAN'. ..just thought u went to GOa and got tanned...great work...bubblegum....


    1. I need TAN!! :D I can do that in Goa too!! :D

  2. Well, my TAN is running. And glad to announce that after almost 5 years, have taken it up again. And very happy about it. :)

    1. wOOOOW You are inspiring me to go TAN! :)

    2. Please, please do. It is so refreshing to be just yourself !!