April 2, 2017

B for Birthday

I know I know, I have already blogged roughly 19 times about April being my birthday month. It is very natural for  me to blog about 'B for Birthday' being the ex-over enthusiastic birthday girl to silently-sulking-looking-at-30s young lady - sometimes all at ones.

Truth to be told, I have done, many times, the very noble task of reducing friends' stress about buying a surprise (no less) gift for me by mailing them a list of things I wish for (Practical one, that too!) hence it came as a shock even for me, when I got into this deep well of numbness on my birthday, last year. I would like blame it on this no-friends-city or the husband's absence beside giving credits to my Sister-in-law and parents-in-law for managing me in such a weird mental state of mind. This time though I am back to myself. I am maha-enthusiastic about my birthday. Because,

1. I am in my home town, spending the day with my parents (and relatives as well)
2. I have Mr.ISB beside me. I am pretty sure he is going to get the pressure of my hyper state of mind
3. I have some stuff to shop and they are necessities. Hence, no guilt birthday shopping spree awaiting

Now if you consider this enthusiasm level at the ripe age of 29 quite compelling, let me tell you, I can take a full swing back to the nervousness like last year. But, I am pretty sure about one thing. I do not want to age with desperation of looking young . Because,that has been pre-decided by destiny genetics.

What I can do on this birthday is to feel happy, contented and age gracefully. Yes, Gracefully. Like those Brit school groomed royal ladies of Indian royal families. (Phew)

Better late then never, I hope the lady like charm magically appears in Bubblegum at 30. Something which never happened in last 29 years.

Or else,

I am back to my jumping dancing and giggling self. With lots of happy memories on this birthday!


PS: This blog is as scattered as the south Indian movie, 'Indra The Tiger'. Sorry but, I'm still into the blogging block.

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