April 21, 2017

P for Parallel Universe

I dwell in one all the time. For the people who do not know the actual meaning of Parallel Universe, I just have to tell you it is simple - Concurrent times you are living in, which does not exist. I like to take a dive in this parallel universe all the time, especially when the reality is different than what you are going through. Obviously, I do it to calm myself down and to prepare for the acceptance of the faith. I find all the positive points about being in the real world, and come back. But won't it be fun if I can be transparent to at least blog about a few incidents I lived in Parallel Universe?

Real world: I do not like Engagement Rings, especially when it is costly.
Parallel Universe: I love a big diamond ring. 
Defense Mechanism: Blood diamonds. All diamonds are bad, also no resale value.
Back to Real World: I do not like Engagement Rings at all.

Real World: I am not too finicky about food.
Parallel Universe: I love eating as per my whims and fancy. I love food. 
Defense Mechanism: It is tedious and mean to make your own dish. Lets be ideal.
Back to Real World: I am not foodie. I can eat whatever comes on my plate.

Real World: Work satisfaction is every thing.
Parallel Universe: I need money too! Why am I not growing enough in the career.
Defense Mechanism: I love doing what I am doing right now and it is decently comfortable.
Back to Real World: Work satisfaction is very very important. Money can not give it all the time.

Real World: I really really do not like to be skinny.
Parallel Universe: Size zero is the thing, come on.
Defense Mechanism: You look sick when you get too thin.
Back to the Real World: Lets be fit, let that be my goal. 

Do you get 'Ping Ponged' by your mind like this, ever?

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