April 23, 2017

R for Rhyme

I generally try to create these April posts, a day before. But,as I am lagging by two characters I really wanted to post one this Sunday, to come back to track. After the Q post, I was trying to hunt for the topic for R. Needless to say, I was struggling.

Our Sunday was a bit too hectic without reason and sleeplessness since two days, had almost locked my mind, which generally needs a little knock every now and then in such situations. So, when I asked Mr. ISB for the suggestion, he asked me to create a small post with rhyming words. When I asked for some clarity, he came up with the idea of making a limerick.

So, here it is for you- Mr.ISB

Husband wants a limerick made by yours truly
Rather I would want a blog post, lovely
Tiredness in eyes and mind
Can not really construct and shine
Even then, a limerick for you, said  Bubblegum coyly


What do you expect after a really tiring day?

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