April 11, 2017

I for Impressions

I had collected a few wine bottles from my Dad-In-Law's friends to do 'something' about them and convert them into classy decor items but as time flew, my inertia just got stronger and they kept on making my window sill garden a bit more interesting without much ado.

Till I grabbed Primer from the shop from the market from where I pass every single day, I did not even developed the idea of what I was suppose to do with a couple of acrylic colors and an empty wine bottle. When finally the Primer arrived- I stretched my day to give a decently thick coat of primer on the bottle and waited till it got cured for 48 hours. 

After curing I coated the bottle with bright orange color without any thinking, just to witness how the paint behaves with the glass covered with Primer. The second coat happened on the third day and then today morning, I took the boring looking orange bottle and decided it to make it a bit happening.

I took the ear bud from the jar and dumped the edge into cute yellow color. Impressions in the shape of flowers I could make, made it fresh and human. (Read: Imperfect) Because, hey I could not hold the bud steadily but who cares. 

This is how it turned up.

What do you guys think about it?

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