April 10, 2017

H for Home plans

- To have a few more plants in my window sill to call it a window garden. A couple of them with hangers and a couple of them in bright colors.

- To paint wine bottles I have kept since ages, just in the hope to get started some day

- To paint a couple of small canvases for our drawing room. The idea is generated by the creative mind of my mother-in-law and now I need to deliver orders of small canvas paintings to both mothers. Phew. Only if they understand, my laziness is making me procrastinate like never before.

- To grow one Tulsi plant in the drawing room if fellow homies are comfortable.

- To get a magnetic board for the huge magnetic souvenir collection we have collectively created

- To get some fake flowers for the classiest ever wooden flower vase my MIL has picked up

-  To get a full size mirror in place of the bulky dressing table we have in our room. Compromising on storage space, for the sake of minimalism we both love

Not many but hectic schedule makes it impossible to even finish one! I wish in a month or two I can work on atleast one or two of them.


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