April 3, 2017

C for Cute

Mom: You look cute and simple in the Display Picture (I was wearing a saree!)
Me: Thanks *Feeling weird*
Mom: I think you should do some make up and a new hair style and.. 
Me: Hmmm  *Rolling my eyes*
Mom: try to look hot.

Me:     :|

I meant now my mom also thinks I need to groom myself? I hope the land collapses right now and whoever is underground takes me in like how he/she did for Sita Maiya. But wait, did it happen for the first time? No. I can never forget the moment when my ex-roomie had told me, while I was making futile effort of applying an eyeliner.

"You anyway look cute. You don't need it." Before I smile you think it was a compliment..

"Kitna bhi karlo hot nahi dikh payegi tu."

Well, I had almost forgotten such incidents and even compliments for that matter. But the comment from mom was beyond my comprehension. I meant moms in the world are cribbing over the Nakhras of their daughters who spend fortunes to look stylish and my mom is waiting for the magic which might make me look hot ! (She is waiting since years but I guess she has only witnessed my transition from a tom boy to a tom boyish girl who uses lipsticks only! Khi Khi)

But but wait, I ignored her as just in a couple of hours I could come back to my composure. Again, thanks to the Whatsapp!

Me: You both look so so so so cute in this picture! *To a friend who has the cutest kid on this earth!*
She: Thanks you, but girl you look hot.
Me: Really? THANK YOU!

We all know now, why I feel blessed have her. She never fails to  ping me when I need her the most..

Ah.. well.. and also never breaches the contract signed, which compels her to call me 'Hot' in place of 'Cute'.

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