April 23, 2017

Q for Question

So, it is one of the silly game I love to play during people's farewell. Why farewell, I do not know but I guess it has become a part of Farewell parties I manage to throw. (I have a record of managing farewell parties by the way. Sad but true)

The game is called 'Ask me Anything' and we have a set of questions which are mandatory to ask. But wait, we hardly go beyond the first question because in Mumbai, people hardly can go beyond first question and the discussion with laughter attacked followed by it with ar... Drinks. So, the game name needs to be changed from 'Ask Me Anything' to may be 'That Question'.

And.. the question is 'What would you have become in life, if you do not have to consider situations, skill set or influence under which you took up the profession'. The help hint is to look through your childhood. Let me tell you, people wanted to or want to become something very different from what they are doing today. Sometimes totally contrasting to the personality he/she is wearing in life currently. This question literally opens up the inner self and real dreams of the person. Even when we all know that wish might not come true, it is good to share over a drink. Of course, the rule is not to laugh on any one's dream.

Let me tell you some amazing answers from amazing personalities.

My director who is an expert in operations, product development  etc etc, whom I look up to all the time and is a workaholic of the highest order, would want to become a sports person!!! 

My ex- technical chief who was also an ex-consultant in one of the big fours who is also a coder and now a budding start up founder would want to become a singer!! (He can not even hum a song right now!)

Our another finance chief and co-founder would be a cricket player. He did not think about this even for a second.

Our cute little graphics guy would want to do something in theaters! 

An intern we have currently working with us (and makes me look little less immature than what I am) would like to become a celebrity - still weaving dreams, it looks like. 

And do you want to know what I would like to do?

Design everything. Basically, become a product designer.

 A long way to go to become a real designer but.. that is pretty much what I do in the office, apart from other 123 types of work I do.

Should I consider myself lucky or smart enough to lock the dream land.

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