April 7, 2017

G for Grounded

So, Mr.ISB is back from his bi-monthly business pilgrimage to Copenhagen.

And so when he said he had hogged on to Pav Bhaji on the airport before hiring a cab for home, I was not surprised. It is a part of his 'pilgrimage' and he won't miss it. In fact, if I had bet on some money on it, today I would have earned out of gambling with my mother-in-law who kept on worrying about his early morning breakfast- before he hits the bed to sooth his jet-lagged-mind.

He has a very very peculiar way of sorting this 'Arrival' day. Which starts from devouring Indian food on the airport and ends in the evening after a long period of sleep. In between, as soon as he is done with unpacking stuff he has bought for all of us and flinging his clothes in all the directions (and yelling at me for collecting them for a wash- because he wants to do his stuff on his own - may be after a month?) he would glue his butt (and body) to the sofa/bed and won't budge till evening with a small break for lunch if mom insists.

Though we let him do this without any comments when he returns from his trips - he always gets verbal diarrhea from me, my MIL and my SIL on the other days regarding his habit of sticking to one place for the longest period possible.  (Not that he cares one bit) Before sitting he would have a bottle of water, those n numbers of cables/chargers he would need if he is working/watching movies on ipad, books, mobile phone, a jar of something edible around him. Hence he becomes a part of his self-sustainable ecology. Which used to be an irritant for me all the time.

After almost years of staying together, I have stopped getting bothered by it. I have discovered my own mechanism of being too busy to care about it - named, talking to MIL & SIL laughing over this habit and organizing the mess till it is upto my-OCD-satifying-level.

I anyway can not complain about his this habit now, because I wanted that one quality desperately in my life partner.

The virtue of being  Grounded.

Just that Mr.ISB took it too literally and seriously. 

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